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First appearance "Beware My Power (Part 1)"
Voice Grey DeLisle
General Information
Full name
Species Semi-Artificial intelligence
Physical description
Gender Female (programming)
Hair color
Eye Color Blue
Black (formerly)
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Affiliations Interceptor crew , Green Lantern Corps
Allies Razer, Hal Jordan, Kilowog
Enemies Manhunters, Red Lantern Corps
Powers and abilities Green Lantern energy manipulation, Control over the Interceptor
Equipment Anti-Monitor's body (formerly), Interceptor
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Aya is a female artificial intelligence and former navigator aboard the Interceptor. She was created by the science director Scar using a sliver of the embodiment of pure will power from the Green Lantern central battery. She was an impressive creation, but when she went out of control she was disabled and housed within the fastest ship in the galaxy. She is the most advanced A.I. ever devised.[1]

She laid dormant for centuries until she was activated by Hal Jordan and Kilowog. She was mistakenly receiving the name "Aya", after Hal misinterpreted the word A.I.[2] During her time with the Green Lanterns in Frontier Space, she developed a yearning to become a Green Lantern, hoping to become one some day. Aya also began to fall in love with Red Lantern Razer. After seemingly perishing, Aya found her love for Razer rejected. Maddened by grief, Aya destroyed the Anti-Monitor and, integrated with its body, became determined to wipe out all emotions in the universe, but, thanks to the interceptor crew's efforts, she came to her senses and Aya sacrificed herself to destroy the Manhunters and restore peace to the galaxy .[1]


Beware My Power[]

Aya was just an A.I. in the Interceptor until Hal and Kilowog snuck into the Interceptor, Hal named her "Aya" out of humorous affection. When the Guardians attempt to stop the Interceptor from leaving Oa, Hal orders Aya to initiate ultra-warp function. Although she is at first reluctant due to several security protocols, Hal eventually convinced Aya into doing it by stating that a Green Lantern's life hangs in the balance. Initiating ultra-warp, the Interceptor manages to leave Oa without interference.

Razer's Edge[]

Unknown to Aya, her two then newly met allies had been being attacked by a trio of Red Lanterns, the group's leader and two of his most frequently advised members. Aya's two new Green Lantern comrades held the three of with assistance from Shyir Rev. The battle resulted in the destruction of Shyir Rev's home planet and the captivity of one of the three Red Lanterns, Razer.

While Razer was held captive, Aya tried to speak to him about the reasons why he felt that he should be killed for his crimes. Aya was further surprised by his extreme amount of guilt when she thought back to hearing earlier about Kilowog saving all of the inhabitants of Shyir Rev's homeworld, including his wife and only child. When Hal Jordan and Kilowog left Razer at a Spider Guild prison, they encountered an escapee who recounted of horrors being perpetrated by the wardens. Thus, they departed to investigate despite Aya's warnings.

After their capture, Aya decided to turn into green energy and enter the prison. She, however, was unable to free the Lanterns due to crystals resonating with yellow light that inhabited certain sections of the asteroid prison. She managed to enter into a torture device as well as enter into the mind of its captive Razer. Once inside, she manifested herself as his dead wife Ilana, and urged for his help. She reminded him of the device causing him to remember most of his painful memories and was installed to make him feel pain.

After Razer admitted he didn't mind watching his memories, Aya tried to enlist him to aid her in rescuing Hal Jordan and Kilowog. Razer refused, stating that he deserved his punishment and was staying there. However, Aya deactivated the device and freed Razer who expressed that he would not forgive her for her actions. Working together, they managed to free the Green Lanterns and end the Spider Guilds plans in the prison. She was later informed by Hal of Razer coming along with the three.

While Razer was holding his Red Lantern Ring, Aya asked he had recovered from his ideal. Razer is distraught that Aya has seen his past and that it's private, she told him that she did it to ensure the crew's survival. Razer asked her why she risked her existence as artificial intelligence to save Hal and Kilowog. Aya merely says a Green Lantern would do no less, giving Razer food for thought.

Into The Abyss[]

Later, the Interceptor encountered a stranded freighter that was trapped in the gravity effects of a pinhole that threatened to destroy it. Responding to the distress signal, Aya expressed concern about the Green Lanterns risking their life for the sake of a single sentient.

However, Jordan informed her that it was their duty to save the lives of others. After the captain was rescued, Aya told Hal Jordan of a way to conserve power on the freighter to rescue it but he departed. She later removed her intelligence from the navcom of the Interceptor and inhabited numerous mechanical parts that moved into the freighter in an attempt to repair it. Unaware of this, Jordan and Razer believed these insectile appearing parts were lifeforms that were eating the ship.

It was only when they were in the ship's engine room did Jordan realize that these parts were Aya who was repairing the vessel and she succeeded in the task. Following the rescue, Jordan reprimanded her for leaving the Interceptor but she responded that it was a Green Lanterns duty to help. Kilowog, however, stated that she was simply a NavCom and not a Green Lantern as she lacked a physical body. In response, she had her mechanical parts assemble themselves into an android form, much to Kilowog's grief.

Heir Apparent[]

Aya has become more used to her robotic body, able to assemble it in 2.1 seconds. While Kilowog remained skeptical of her newfound freedom and desire to be a Green Lantern, Hal largely approved but asked that she remain on the Interceptor for the time being. Aya reminded Kilowog, while he was trying to talk about Aya without her attention, that she could hear every sound on the Interceptor. Aya then picks up a Green Lantern signal on the planet Betrasses and Hal and Kilowog land to recruit him. When Dulok, the Green Lantern, goes missing, Aya scans for any signs of his power ring.

Aya hides with Razer

Aya is pushed down by Razer.

Though she found a faint trail, it would do little good unless she could get closer. Razer told her to assemble her body so they could go look for it. Aya complied The two searched the catacombs while evading castle guards.

At one point, Aya was pushed to the ground by Razer because he saw several guards coming at the two. She got up later and told Razer that while in her physical form, she preferred not to get pushed into the dirt and walked ahead of him. Going further into their investigation, Aya saw a red blip on her radar. She deduced their search for Dulok was over and continued to talk to Razer. She and Razer eventually discovered Dulok's body and noticed there was no sign of a fight. When they reported this to Hal and Kilowog, Aya stated that Dulok's murderer must be brought to justice, as it was what a Green Lanterns do. She and Razer then returned to the ship.

Lost Planet[]

Aya discovered the energy signature of Shyir Rev's power ring and tracked it to a small planet. However, the planet was about to get hit by an asteroid. Although they attempt to stop it, they have only managed to delay the impact, Aya and her teammates landed for an evacuation. When Aya and her teammates meet up with castaways, they agreed to help Hal search for the Green Lantern on the planet, and the female of the group, Drusa opted to go with Aya.

While with Drusa, Aya did not bare much mind to Drusa's amazement at her physical appearance and even her constant compliments. During their search, Drusa staged spraining her ankle and asked to be taken back to the Interceptor for medical treatment. Aya did not take into account how fast the injury had occurred and bought into her trick. Once aboard, Aya was asked about the Interceptor by a rather curious and supposedly injured Drusa.

Aya spilled out details of her where her main controls were stored on the ship and paid the cost shortly after she told Drusa. The castaway activated a device, completely shutting down Aya and allowing her to steal the ship. Once the ship was reclaimed, however, Razer rescued Aya and destroyed the device that kept her offline. Aya and her comrades succeeded in taking down both Drusa and Zartok and awaited further command from Hal Jordan. After being told by Hal to leave him behind, Aya bared witness as the planet revealed itself as the Green Lantern and promised to keep the two captives on its surface.


The Interceptor explodes

Aya looks at Razer as the Interceptor explodes.

Aya and the rest of her comrades aboard the Interceptor had finally found the Red Lantern homeworld of Shard. Kilowog told Aya to scan everything about Shard. When Razer left the ship, Aya took notice of his absence and intercepts him, trying to keep him from leaving. However, when Razer detonated a bomb located on the ship, Aya is forced to return and leave him. While readouts claimed the ship is malfunctioning, Aya revealed everything was operating properly and that Razer has gone. With Hal and Kilowog, the three infiltrated Shard in search of Razer. Aya sneaked into a control room and began hacking local systems. However, after Hal and Kilowog rescued Razer, she was attacked by Atrocitus and heavily damaged.

Razer went to rescue her and found her, badly damaged and in the hands of Atrocitus before she was thrown rather viciously and uncharismatically at him upon his arrival. She remained mute and not talkative while Razer fought Atrocitus. Once she regained her consciousness, she stopped him from killing Atrocitus, noting that if they did not leave immediately, they would all die. Razer reluctantly agreed and carried her back to the Interceptor. Although her body was heavily damaged, she was fine nonetheless and revealed the important files she stole from Shard to Hal, showing hundreds of warships.

Fear Itself[]

While Hal and Kilowog began searching for food supplies, Aya constructed a device to help them identify things they could safely eat. While she had managed to repair her arms, her legs were still a work in progress and therefore she was forced to move aboard the ship in a chair.

She became interested in how Razer recharged his power ring and unintentionally angered him when she commented that the Red Lantern oath was "interesting." She later returned with a modified Red Lantern oath in hopes that it would help Razer recharge his ring without having to recite the hateful oath. Razer thanked her, but Razer was simply lying to get her to leave before he remorsefully recited the original oath.

In Love and War[]

By this time, Aya's repairs were complete and her body was fully functional again. She informed Hal, Razer, and Kilowog that the Interceptor was being attacked by a creature. She allowed the Star Sapphires to come into the Interceptor after they aided the three. On Zamaron, Aya noticed that Kilowog's life signs have dropped, so she and Razer investigate. However, Aya was denied entry because she was a robot, so she decided to search for Kilowog herself. She discovered him encased in crystal and attempted to contact Razer before being attacked by other Star Sapphires.

Aya flees from the Star Sapphires

Aya flees from the Star Sapphires.

She was attacked by Galia and held her own in a struggle of energy from her own blast to Galia's ring. Aya successfully managed to take her down and was told to stop by one of the Star Sapphires. She quickly fled from the area, forcing her to leave Kilowog behind momentarily. She reached Razer and informed him of Kilowog's imprisonment. She watched as Razer pointed his ring at Aga'po and told her that he had ample reason to trust Aya over her before Aga'po ordered her guards to attack them.

While Aya and Razer were able to hold them off, Aya was knocked down and Razer was trapped within a crystal. Aga'po read Razer's mind and learned of Ilana's death and how her form lived again in Aya. Razer realized it was true and angrily remembered that during the brief amount of time he spent imprisoned, Aya was inside his mind and stole the image of Ilana from him. Aya apologized, saying that she meant no harm and simply based her appearance on the last female available in her database since Ilana was the only female life form Aya had encountered at the time. Hal and Kilowog arrived in time to save Aya and Razer, and thanks to Ghia'ta they escaped Zamaron.

Regime Change[]

Aya is grabbed by Bleez

Aya is grabbed by Bleez.

Aya went back to Green Lantern Iolande's planet after her brother Ragnar became a Red Lantern and tried to take over the planet. She arrived and fought Red Lantern Bleez. She dodged several beams Bleez shot at her, as well as shooting a few back at her. Aya was kicked in the face by Bleez and grabbed from behind. Bleez preceded to put her fingers on Aya's head. Aya escaped her grip by shooting her in the face.

Aya then flew away from her. Bleez quickly recovered and started to chase the robot across the battlefield. While being chased by Bleez, Aya was shot at several times by the Red Lantern. Despite the overwhelming amount of blast fired at her and her teammates struggling on the battlefield with their own attackers, Aya successfully managed to avoid every sing one of her shots and continued to battle the Red Lantern. With the odds against her, Hal Jordan decided she and the rest of the Interceptor crew would do better to retreat than continue their fight.

Aya aboard the Interceptor with Razer

Aya thanks Razer for complimenting her aim.

She and Razer went back to the Interceptor while Hal and Kilowog went to find Iolande. She and Razer came to their aid while the three took part in a battle against the Red Lanterns. Aya shot Veon while Hal was fighting him. Aya was then complimented by Razer, who she in turn thanked. Her strength was increased by a Blue Lantern Ganthet had placed in the ship and activated upon seeing them at their most desperate hour. She held Razer while Hal, Kilowog, and Iolande attempted to save the planet.

Activation Codes and the End of the Red Lantern War[]

In the final days of the Red Lantern war, Aya continued to supply her team with vital intel and information that could prove detrimental in defeating the hatred filled group.

Aya came out of the Interceptor and walked with Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Razer to greet Goggan.While going to the prison, she fell and started to feel weak. This was because of the yellow rocks that had proven to be detrimental to Hal Jordan and Kilowog's rings. She was taken by Razer to Goggan's office. He believed that Aya would be better there. Aya was picked up by Razer and flown there. After Hal defeated Bumpy, Aya regrouped with the two and watched as Byth Rok gave Hal the activation codes.

While aboard, she reported to Hal Jordan that the interceptor was receiving a call from Appa Ali Apsa. She automatically answered and allowed him to hear the several insults Hal had made towards him. She watched as the team was given the mission of watching a lighthouse, in order to ensure that the Red Lanterns did not get to it. When the ship was attacked, Aya reported to Hal and the others of the multiple blasts it was taking and watched as he, Razer and Kilowog went to fight off the three Red Lanterns attacking the ship. Aya stayed aboard and alerted Hal and the others that the ship's shields were taking critical damage. She told the others of the Red Lantern armada's approaching and estimated their time of arrival. She then told the three of a beam that would allow the Red Lanterns to get ahead of them.

Shortly after Hal Jordan made the decision to partake the mission, Aya rejected it and decided he would be unfit for the task. She believed that his piloting skills made him a horrific candidate for the mission. She volunteered to go and was walked by Hal and the others to the ship's opening hatch. She soon was given directions and proceeded to fly off.

During this task, Hal Jordan grew nervous and concerned about her survival. Hal decided to order her to come back to the ship and give up on the task. Aya objected and continued until she succeeded. With the mission completed and reunited with her teammates, she was told by Hal that she had matured and was no longer a rookie. She smiled shortly after this opinionated speech was delivered. When next aboard the Interceptor, she guided her team for a short period of time before discovering the Interceptor was being chased and attacked by Atrocitus and Zilius Zox. Aya piloted and remained on the ship while Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Razer went to investigate the Red Lanterns' ship. While the three went aboard, Aya was helpless to landing into the hands of Atrocitus, Zilius Zox and a newly ranked Drusa.

Now under the control of Drusa, Atrocitus, and the other Red Lanterns, Aya came to Oa in the Interceptor. She was used to pretending as though Hal, Kilowog, and Razer were still on the ship. After Drusa used her as a way to infiltrate Oa, Aya shed a single tear. Aya's free will was shortly afterward retaken by Drusa, who continued to mess with her programming.

Aya while saved by Razer

Aya is saved by Razer.

After Atrocitus left the ship, Aya was forcibly put on the floor by Drusa. When Aya asked Drusa what she was doing to her back, Drusa told her she was deleting her higher AI computer so that Aya would act like a proper mindless computer. Aya was saved by Razer and the two went to find Hal. When Aya and Razer found Hal, he had already beaten Atrocitus. Aya later asked Hal if the Guardians could trust Zilius Zox. He told her "They can trust him to do what's in his best interest and that's a start". She watched as Hal left Oa to go to Earth.


After defeating Atrocitus, Aya's fate was called into question by the Guardians. It was determined that she would be subject to dissection and replaced by L.A.N.O.S. as the Interceptor's AI. Hal removed her memory core and replaced it with L.A.N.O.S in her android body before she could be dealt with this horrible fate. After being reinstalled on the Interceptor, Aya asked where Razer was and was told by Hal of his location.

"Death" of Hal Jordan[]

While out of her presence, Hal Jordan was seemingly vaporized by Anti-Monitor. She was told of his apparent death by Kilowog and Tomar-Re after they arrived on the ship. She was piloting as the two talked to Hal, who had actually been blasted into an alternate dimension.[3]

Beyond the Programming[]

After a while, Aya acquired her body back and was with the Interceptor crew nearby Zeta Prime and took a Manhunter in a defected state with them to Odym. Arriving on Odym, they are approached by Ganthet and are introduced to Saint Walker and Brother Warth. She was surprised to see Razer and listened to the reason of why Razer came to Odym.

She went with the group, carrying Razer to the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery, where she witnessed the activation of the Central Battery. The blue light supercharged her functions at optimal levels. Though soon after, the group was attacked by the defected Manhunter, amplified by the Central Battery. While she was avoiding the attacks of the Manhunter, it was quickly defeated by the Green Lanterns. They brought it to the Interceptor, where Aya activated the Manhunter to interrogate it. She listened as the Manhunter deemed every emotion evil, and after hearing Razer's statement that "robots do not have souls", prompted Aya to take off, despite Razer apologizing.

Later on, Aya took the defected Manhunter to a cave where she claimed that they are alike and that she could teach it to evolve beyond his programming. She tried to help the Manhunter, but the Manhunter couldn't find any fault in his programming and started crawling to her, Aya backed off, before its deactivation, the Manhunter uttered: "that they are the same". Though Aya claimed that she was nothing like the robot.

Afterward, she saw a huge light near the Central Battery and went off to it. She witnessed the failure of a Manhunter to take the Central Battery and explained that it could choose alternate programming after his primary objective failed. She glanced a stare towards Razer, at that time Aya developed emotions, which the Manhunter detected and attacked her. After Razer savagely destroyed the Manhunter, she was picked up and told Razer that she was alright and accepted Razer's apology. Later on, Aya walked into the Interceptor along with Razer and left planet Odym.[4]

Prisoner of Sinestro[]

When Razer was scanning for information of the Anti-Monitor, Aya wanted to assist in attempting to get attention from him, but the offer was rejected. She received a call from Sinestro who wanted the Interceptor for assistance, to escape from Spider Guild frigate with a fugitive. After rescuing Sinestro and locking Neuroxis up, Aya offered the green lantern a beverage, which Kilowog took instead. After locking Sinestro up, for attacking the crew, Hal ordered Aya to take the Spider Guild weapon Sinestro brought on board, to the storage room. However, after storing the weapon, she was followed by Razer, who wanted to spend some time with her and gently stroked her head which confused—the A.I. She was almost kissed, but Razer told her that he was to take the Spider Guild weapon to Hal. Aya watched Razer leaving as she analyzed the interaction. She brought this event up to Hal, who was confused as he didn't ask for the weapon and started searching for Razer.

While continuing her work on the ship, she was approached by Sinestro and explained Neuroxis' ability to her. They depressurized the ship of oxygen, in order to let Neuroxis return to his body inside the science, the one place with oxygen. They confronted the Green Lanterns and Razer, who Neuroxis was controlling, began suffocating as Aya urged Sinestro to restore the pressure, though refused to do so. She was relieved that Razer survived from the lack of oxygen as Neuroxis left his body in the nick of time. After the ordeal, Aya examined Razer's health conditions, Razer wondered if he had harmed her while under the influence of Neuroxis, which Aya replied that she should have realized that he wasn't acting normal, because he wanted to spend time with her.[5]


"Razer, I-I now understand the meaning of regret. We-we never..."
―Aya's last words to Razer[src]
Aya visiting Razer

Visiting his ravaged homeworld, Razer grieves while Aya pays her condolences.

Before the crew went to Ysmault for the peace treaty between the Guardians and the Red Lantern Corps–Razer requested a pit-stop to visit his homeworld. Arriving on Volkreg, Aya followed Razer who was roaming around his old home where Ilana died. She apologized to Razer for interfering in his personal matters and was about to leave. However, Aya was persuaded by Razer to stay–who the former then was glad to hear that because of her, that Razer changed his personality. Aya received a flower from him, and was just about to share a kiss with Razer when they were unexpectedly interrupted via the power ring communication system's alert signal as Hal called them saying to come back to the Interceptor as they were about to leave for Ysmault which they did after ten minutes.

On Ysmault, she met the science director who thought she was dissected, but Hal vouched for her against the Guardian, but she ignored the matter at hand and ordered them to take out a Manhunter on Ysmault. After they disabled the Manhunter and locked up Zilius Zox who witnessed the Manhunter, Aya detected an anti-pulse signal near the Maelstrom. Arriving at the barrier, they witnessed the Anti-Monitor entering Frontier Space, Aya stayed inside the Interceptor, while the Green Lanterns and Razer, who she warned to be careful, went to fight against the Manhunters.

Whilst preparing the warp engines, she noticed Razer was surrounded by several Manhunters–and despite the science director's orders–disembarked to save him. Advancing on his position, she took out his attackers and he graciously thanked her for saving his life. Restoring him back to his feet, Aya and Razer both shared a momentarily gaze at one another and before they could move, the Anti-Monitor aimed its laser at them. Without a moment's hesitation, Aya pushed Razer aside and he watched on in horror as she disintegrated under the might of the machine's ray. Immediately coming to her aid, Razer scooped her fatally damaged body into his hands.

Aya dead

Aya "dies" in Razer's arms.

As Aya had several seconds to live, realizing his feelings, Razer clutched himself to Aya, reaffirming his love towards her. With her dying breath, Aya encouraged him to fight on and stop the anti monitor, then she evaporated. Leaving her dismantled parts behind in Razer's hands to grieve.[6]


However though Aya seemed to be dead she survived the ray, by uploading her systems into a disabled Manhunter and eventually caught up to the Interceptor. Upon her return, she was met with a joyous reception by Hal and Kilowog. Hal asked her to help coordinate with Ysmault's defenses, to which Aya complied but first wanted assistance from Razer. While the two were alone, Aya used her spare body parts to return to her normal appearance. Aya then met with a complete shock to hear from Razer that he didn't actually love her because she was just a machine with the appearance of his deceased wife. Razer left the room, leaving Aya visibly upset.

Aya later consoled with Hal, where she confessed that she experienced pain after the blow from Razer's words and wanted it to stop. However, Hal preferred to talk about it later, as they had to prepare for the upcoming battle against the Manhunters and the Anti-Monitor. During the battle, Aya could not perform at full capacity as the emotions interfered with her performance. She asked advice from Razer of how to avoid it, which he responded that he would focus ahead and shut down everything else. Aya realized that they could not win the battle and shut down all her emotions. She went to the Interceptor's Power Battery and sapped all its energy, operating at super-peak capacity, causing the ship to shut down. After ignoring Hal's order, she disembarked towards the Anti-Monitor.

Aya easily carved a path towards the Anti-Monitor while destroying several Manhunters and Red Lantern spacecraft. Aya with her incredible powers separated the Anti-Monitor's head from its body, by smashing into the chest and shut down the Manhunters. As it seemed a victory to the crew and the Red Lanterns, Aya re-emerged from the smoke, revealing that she integrated herself into the Anti-Monitor's body. Aya exclaimed to the crew that the Manhunters were not to be blamed and operated as they were told and declared herself to be their queen. She reactivated the Manhunters and decided to reject beings who are driven by their emotions–that cause only pain and suffering. She blasted the Interceptor away, before departing with the Manhunters.[7]

Love against hate[]

Aya decided to go to Zamaron, to punish the Zamarons for cultivating as she deemed "corrosive force". She invaded Zamaron along with several Manhunters. After the Manhunters neutralized several of the Star Sapphires, Aya demanded the attention of Aga'po, in order to kill her. However, she was stopped by the begging of Ghia'ta.

Aya wanted to understand how love can bring peace to the world despite its pain, from Ghia'ta, but she couldn't explain as her teacher could. Aya demanded her come, but Ghia'ta explained that she was across the galaxy. However, Aya absorbed Ghia'ta's knowledge on the Zamaron teleporter and summoned her teacher, Carol Ferris. She gave Carol an opportunity to explain her reasoning for believing in love, instead was just unsatisfied with her response. She proposed to have the emotions of love and hate fight each other. So she summoned the champion of hate, Atrocitus.

She returned Atrocitus his Red Power Ring back after Carol was given a Star Sapphire Power Ring. As Atrocitus refused to fight, however, Aya gave reasoning to fight Carol, revealing she was the love of Hal. During the duel between them, she watched the two's battle, which resulted in Atrocitus' defeat at the hands of both Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris' combined teamwork. She still concluded it as a loss, due to the death of Ghia'ta, caused by love, during the fight. She destroyed Atrocitus' ring and disposed of him.

Aya neutralizes Hal and Carol

Aya neutralizes Hal and Carol, before finishing them off.

She finally decided her goal is to eliminate every sentient being in the universe with emotions and replace them with emotionless Manhunters. She settled herself in the Anti-Monitor's corpse. As Hal and Carol charged at her, she was able to neutralize the two and was about to murder them, before she was distracted by the arrival of the Interceptor. Just then, Razer begged her to stop, but she ignored his sentiments and proclaimed she would find a way to eliminate all life in unison. After deciding that, she left the planet along with her Manhunters.[8]

The timely arrival of Razer and Kilowog made her belay Zamaron's destruction. Instead, she set off to find a way to destroy all life in one move and rewrite the universe in her image. She soon began wiping out star systems. However, they were all selected because they were devoid of life. After a failed attempt to take the Orange Power Battery to temporarily neutralize Aya, Jordan's team allied with the former Science Director to craft a warhead filled with enough Aurem to weaken her and allow the others to reason with her. While she was focused solely on converting a planet's matter into energy, Razer attempted to tell Aya about her origins but the Director triggered the warhead. Despite having enough explosives to destroy half a planet, Aya was unharmed. She claimed their attempt to destroy her had only sealed their fates and attacked the Interceptor but Jordan and LANOS went forward with a last-ditch effort. LANOS primed the ultra warp drive and flew into Aya, taking her to parts unknown.[9]

Soon Aya came into possession of the Anti-Monitor's Time-Displacement cylinder after it's upper shell was destroyed by the green lanterns on Ranx it was the key to her plan to destroy all life at once. She uploaded a copy of her program into every Manhunter and rechristened them the "Ayahunters." Aya completed the Time-Displacement Generator in orbit above Maltus where she would travel to the beginning of the universe it self. After Jordan revealed he knew she absorbed lifeless systems, Aya took Jordan with her to witness the recreation of the universe. She began manipulating the vortex held by the Hand of the creator at the beginning of time but learned of her true origins from Jordan.

Aya reiterated she was still making a decision free of emotion and would not back down from manipulating it so that the universe would only contain self-replicating artificial beings under her control. Razer could've destroyed Aya for good but couldn't bring himself to at the last second. Aya fired a fatal blow at Razer. When she looked on in horror and suddenly realized the error of her ways and rushed to Razer's side who was barely breathing after undoing her manipulations and asked she was a threat to all that exists and he had a chance to kill her but didn't he simply replied how could he, his construct are from rage and he had no hate for aya in his heart only love and the artificial being cried they than shared a passionate kiss. Aya than took Jordan and Razer back to the present before the Big Bang engulfed them. She used her accumulated energies to heal Razer returning to her original color. But in doing so, she lost all control of the manhunters. To make matters worse, her program would allow them to eventually figure out how to destroy the universe. Aya spread a computer virus programmed to eliminate all versions of her program including her self. As a result, the manhunters exploded and she started fading away. Aya told Razer he would never be alone in that he had a family and she would always be watching over him then Aya happily meets her final demise.[8]

Physical Appearance[]

Aya face

Aya's face greatly resembles that of Ilana

As the A.I. of the Interceptor, Aya was a navigational console resembling a sphere with a circle in the middle, performing as an eye.[2]

In her robotic form, her face greatly resembled that of Ilana, whom she had previously hologramed into. She had green skin, in reference to both the Green Lantern Corps and the Interceptor. She had a white helmet, with two lines carrying over from the top to the bottom of it and two green lines on both sides of her head. She had a white chest, with a Green Lantern Corps logo and shoulder pads with a green circle on the top. Her body's white area on the chest greatly resembled that of a tank top midriff.[10]

When she uploaded herself to a defected Manhunter, she had the facial appearance of herself, but with a Manhunter's left red-eye, grey skin. The Manhunter's body had converted into a more slender and feminine shape. [7]

After integrating with the Anti-Monitor, Aya's white components became black and her skin turned blue, emitting a fiery blue glow while her eyes turned pitch black. [7]

Personality and traits[]

When being activated for the first time, Aya displayed a very ignorant personality. Unfamiliar with the behavior of sentient beings. She showed a blatant regard for the rules programmed inside her. Once being swayed by Hal Jordan to bypass the regulations for Ultrawarp phasing, Aya became fascinated with the Green Lantern Corps.[2] At that point, she began to harbor a intent goal to become one someday. She seems to have a tendency to hide her own emotions, but it became clear she was jealous of Razer being allowed by the Star Sapphires to search with them instead of her. She is not above admitting her mistakes, shown when she did so for Razer after he discovered her physical form's origin during their first confrontation with the Star Sapphires.

Aya is very knowledgeable of the Green Lantern Corps and others, due to her preprogrammed intellect. She uses her access to the Green Lantern Corps solely for their benefit and never for her own personal gain. Aya believes her teammates to be fairly smart as well, speaking to them with advanced words and going out of her way to treat them with utmost respect. Aya is also very polite and curious, even to hardened criminals such as Drusa while the latter explained what she was doing to her while managing the plugs in her back. Aya carries this trait over and speaks to her teammates in such a manner, usually with their ignoring of the formality of her speaking and carrying on their conversation as they would regardless of her speaking.

Razer & Aya - Heir Apparent

Aya is complimentary towards others.

Aya is not above accepting compliments, usually returning them when they are received by her. A case of this would be when she was told she looked "fine" by Razer. She quickly returned the compliment. Aya believes in rescuing her teammates and putting her own life at risk to save them. She believed in saving them above others until she was told by Hal Jordan that it was "what Green Lanterns do". She changed herself around slightly and began to take this to heart. The main cause of her acceptance of this phrase is because of her goal of becoming a Green Lantern. Though Aya already considers herself a Green Lantern, Aya still took the phrase with her and lived by it for the remainder of her time with the other three members aboard the Interceptor. She joined the rest of the Interceptor crew in many of their battles because she wanted to be more like a Green Lantern. She also wanted to observe closely, how Green Lanterns like Hal and Kilowog could put their lives on the line daily. After seeing their battles, she became inspired and decided to do the same with hers.

Powers and abilities[]


Aya possesses a number of superhuman powers derived from her green energy/robot body.

  • ​Green Energy Manipulation: Aya is can manipulate the green energy (from which she is made of) at will.
    • Green Energy Blasts: Aya has the ability to fire green energy blasts from her hands.
      Aya energy blast

      Aya energy blast

    • Green Energy Construct: Aya has the ability to generate green energy constructs, like any other green lantern, such as force fields.
    • Force Fields: She can generate green energy force fields around her and others.
    • Light Projection: Aya's body can project green light.
    • Flight: Aya can fly using her green energy to impulse the jet boosters on her feet.
  • Superhuman Strength: As a robot, Aya is superhumanly strong. When she absorbed the Interceptor's power battery's energy, she was able to move an entire Red Lantern's battleship with no effort, and punch the anti monitor in the chest and blow his entire head.
  • Superhuman Durability: As a robot, she can withstand more damage to many other species.
  • Energy Absorption: Aya can absorb massive amounts of green energy into her body in order to enhance her powers to the peak of her potential.
  • Disassembly and Reassembly: Aya has the ability to disassemble herself into many smaller insectoid robotic components.
  • Holographic Projection: She can generate green holograms from her hands.
  • Computer Virus Generation: Aya can create computer viruses that she can send all across the universe.

Manhunter Queen Powers[]

As the new Manhunter Queen, Aya has control over the Anti-Monitor's body and has all his powers, such as:

  • Anti Matter & Energy Manipulation: Aya can manipulate antimatter and energy at will
    • Energy Blasts: When using the Anti-Monitor's armor, she was able to project destructive blasts of energy, capable of destroying an entire planet.
    • Energy Waves: She was able to project powerful energy waves from her hands.
    • Force Fields: She was able to create powerful energy fields capable of withstanding attacks from the entire green lantern corps.
    • Telekinesis: Aya is capable of creating a field of energy that inhibits the majority of a victim's body movement. She can use it to move people at will, and giant rocks with no effort, like some sort of TK.
  • Energy Absorption: When bonded to the Anti-Monitor's armor, she was able to absorb massive amounts of energy such as the stars from dead systems and the energy from a bomb filled in with yellow crystals, which energy was supposed to weaken her.
    • Healing: Aya was capable of using the energy she absorbed to heal Razer's deadly wounds.
  • Anti Matter Waves Generation: She can generate anti-matter waves, a signal that reactivates all Manhunters across space. She can use this to manipulate all Manhunters.
  • Mind Reading: She has shown the ability to enter people's minds to know their secrets.
  • Teleportation: By using the Star Sapphire's technology, she can create portals all across the universe, the same way a Star Sapphire does, but without their limitations.
  • Time Traveling: She has the ability to travel through time, and is capable of returning to the dawn of time.
  • Reality Warping: As the Manhunter's queen, she also possessed reality-warping abilities, which she displayed by changing the moment of creation, removing all the necessary elements for organic life to exist.


  • A.I./Computer Process: As a robot, she can make complicated calculations in less than a second and process information faster than most of the species in the universe.
  • Real Feelings: The Manhunters identified real feelings in her, which makes her a real-life form, and she was made from the living being in Oa's Green Lantern Central Power Battery which means that she is alive.


  • Yellow Crystals/Energy: Since her whole self is made out of green energy, she is vulnerable to the yellow energy projected by the yellow crystals found in the spider's prison and Galia's planet. This was shown when she entered the spider's prison through the energy lines and she was incapable of passing to the area where the crystal is used. Also, when she entered her robot body she could barely stand on her feet.
  • Red Energy: Since she is made out of green energy, she is vulnerable to red energy.


The Anti-Monitor's Armor (Formerly): When she declared herself the Manhunter's queen, she gained total control over the Anti-Monitor's armor. This granted her all of its powers.



Hal Jordan[]

Were it not for Hal, Aya most likely would have remained dormant aboard Oa. Hal gave her a name of which she is most known for upon their introductions to each other as he awoke her from her stasis. She treats Hal with respect and abides by his rules. However, there have been exceptions. The most prominent case being when she attacked and defeated the Anti-Monitor by herself, only to take its place as commander of the Manhunters. Despite her disobeying and constant refusal for him, Hal still tried to get her back to her senses time and time again.


Aya is a friend of Kilowog, but that doesn't mean Kilowog won't do what it takes to stop Aya at any means necessary as Kilowog says to deactivate her.

Love interests[]


When Aya first met Razer, he was a prisoner among the Interceptor and kept requesting for execution. Aya didn't understand his yearning for death and asked him why he had wanted to die so badly. She was regarded as a mere machine by him and told that he wouldn't explain himself to one. Aya's first understanding of him came when she tried to get his help in saving Hal Jordan and Kilowog after they found out he was being tortured. She went to his cell and saw some of his memories, most notably the death of his wife Ilana. Aya came to him in her appearance and due to this, her later robotic appearance would be based off of Ilana's.

Despite their adventures together, when Razer embarked on a quest to assassinate Atrocitus, Aya regarded Razer as a prisoner and told him to return to the ship. She told him to simply return so Hal Jordan and Kilowog would not have him misunderstood, something Razer snickered too. Aya then told him that she knew him and told him that he was not evil, something that made Razer claim that she didn't know him at all. For a while, her appearance was not noticed by Razer, until the four went to the Star Sapphires' homeworld. There, Aya and Razer were captured by the Star Sapphires and Aya bore witness as she was exposed for taking the image of his wife.

When Razer turned to her and asked her if it was true, Aya was reluctant to tell but admitted that she had only taken her appearance because she was the last person she simulated.

Later on, when Razer stated that machines couldn't have souls, Aya was visibly hurt by his belief. However, it was revealed that despite being an Artificial Intelligence, Aya is capable of harboring emotions. When the Manhunter scanned her for emotions, the violet light of love was detected within her directed specifically at Razer. He later apologized to her for his former remarks, stating that she had more of a soul than he ever did.

When Razer came under the influence of Neuroxis, he acted very open and affectionate towards her, to which Aya was visibly confused at. After Neuroxis suffocated due to the depressurization of the Interceptor, Razer asked if he had done anything to hurt her while Neuroxis was controlling him. Aya appeared slightly disappointed and stated that she should have known Razer was not himself as he expressed interest in spending time with her.[5]

During a visit to Razer's home planet, Aya followed him to the ruins of his old home. Razer asked her to stay, gave her a flower, and attempted to kiss her, finally accepting his feelings for Aya before a call from Hal interrupted them. During an encounter with the Anti-Monitor and several Manhunters, Razer was cornered and unable to make it back to the Interceptor. Aya disembarked the ship to rescue him but pushed him out of the way of the Anti-Monitor's attack. Severely damaged, Razer confessed his love for her before she disintegrated in his arms.[6]

Razer was greatly shocked to discover that Aya was able to survive by downloading herself into a deactivated Manhunter. Aya asked what kind of love Razer had for her, but he took back his confession and stated that he was only confused with his feelings because of Aya's resemblance to Ilana. Aya was greatly upset at this and began feeling pain so much in fact that it began interfering with her performance. In order to concentrate, Aya shut down her emotions. She destroyed the Anti-Monitor, integrating into its body, and proclaimed that emotions only causes pain and suffering.

In the last episode, Razer told Kilowog that he would do what must be done, meaning he would have to kill her. He prepared to strike down on her but hesitated and a tear was shown rolling down his face. He let out a yell that alerted Aya and she blasted him which injured him severely. Later, she used the energy that she planned to use for turning back time and healed him. He said that he would be alright now that she had come back to him and explained that killing someone involved hate and he only loved her. They held hands. When Aya started to delete herself from the universe to save them, Razer begged her not to leave him, but said that she would always be with him before dying. Razer was deeply saddened and planned to scour the universe to look for her. [7]



  • She has thought about having the same clan marking (tattoos) that Razer has.
  • Aya was specifically created for the series. However, before the animated series went on the premier. The Interceptor and the A.I. of the ship Aya appeared during the "War of the Green Lanterns" story arc.
  • Aya can be seen crying twice. The first time was when she was controlled by the Red Lanterns, forcing her to betray the Green Lanterns and the second time was at the end of the series when Razer confessed his love for her.
  • In episode 48 of Justice League Action, "Barehanded", a GPS system in the space taxi spoke with Aya's voice and is implied to be Aya herself. At the end of the episode, the voice revealed that it was not a GPS system but a "disembodied artificial intelligence with no memory of [her] origin". Inspired by the Green Lantern, she indicated that she would not give up hope and left, presumably to discover her past.
  • Aya is mentioned in the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of Young Justice, “Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!”, where Razer has been on a quest to find Aya for at least four years.


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