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The Blue Lantern Central Power Battery.

The Blue Lantern Central Power Battery is a large Blue Lantern Power Battery of the Blue Lantern Corps located on Odym.


After Ganthet was banished by the Guardians from Oa and settled on Odym, he created the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery. Ganthet activated the central battery when the Interceptor crew visited them. The power of the battery charged the Green Lantern Power Rings of the Green Lanterns, but also unexpectedly amplified the powers of Manhunters.

To defeat the Manhunters whom attacked them during their visit to take the central battery with them. Before the Manhunters could take the central battery, a large worm was summoned by Saint Walker and ate the central battery, which returned the powers of the Manhunters and the Green Lanterns to normal. Afer they defeated the Manhunters, the central battery flames were extinguished by Ganthet and was kept off until the Manhunter problem was solved.[1]


The Blue Lantern Central Power Battery has the power to increase the power of Green Lantern Power Rings and the Manhunters exponentially. The range of the central battery greatly exceeds its planet.[1]


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