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Two members of the Blue Lantern Corps, Saint Walker and Brother Warth and the founder Ganthet.

The Blue Lantern Corps is an unique lantern corps who are passive in nature and very pacifistic as they prefer to forgo a battle and let it resolve themselves.[1] They receive the blue power from the Blue Power Ring that comes from the emotion hope.[2][3]

The Blue Lantern Corps operates on the planet Odym.[4]


The prototype Blue Lantern Power Battery was created by the Guardian Ganthet, to be used to aid the Green Lantern Corps in battle as he believed that the Green Lantern's willpower needs the power of hope.[2]

During the Red Lantern Invasion into Guardian Space, Saint Walker was chosen to be the first Blue Lantern in the universe as he had not given up hope to battle against the Red Lantern Corps.[5] He used his new profound powers to aid Mogo and Kilowog and immobilized the Red Lantern armada.[3]

After the Red Lantern invasion, Ganthet resided on Odym to start the Blue Lantern Corps with Saint Walker and eventually recruited Brother Warth. The Blue Lanterns also tried to help Razer with his rage. When the Interceptor crew visited Odym to gather information about the defected Manhunter they brought, Ganthet invited them to showcase the activation of the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery.

The central battery amplified the Green Lantern's powers, but an unwanted side-effect also caused it to amplify the powers of the Manhunters, several of which attacked them. By deactivating the central battery with the help of a large worm, the Manhunters were then quickly destroyed. Ganthet then kept the central battery off until the Manhunter problem was solved, by Hal's suggestion. They watched as the Interceptor crew left along with Razer.[4]


"In fearful day, in raging night, with strong hearts full, our souls ignite. When all seems lost in the war of light, look to the stars, for hope burns bright.[4]"
―Blue Lantern oath



Known members[]


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