Blue Lantern Power Battery

The Blue Lantern Blue Power Battery.

A Blue Lantern Power Battery is a device that was created by Ganthet as a prototype to aid and boost the Green Lantern's power of willpower with the emotion of hope.[1] The Blue Lantern Power Battery contained Blue Lantern Power Ring to give it out to a indvidual who have the hope that all will be well and to become a Blue Lantern.[2][3]

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The Blue Lantern Power Battery was created by Ganthet to use it to help the Green Lantern Corps. When the Interceptor crew along with Iolande was at their disadvantage on Betrassus against the Red Lanterns, Ganthet then activated the Blue Lantern Power Battery that was first a Green Lantern Power Battery in the Interceptor. The activitation caused the area around to change in a blue light and it made the Green Lanterns boost their power, with the Red Lanterns depleting theirs and the Interceptor crew made the Red Lanterns retreat. After that the Blue Lantern Power Battery flew out of the ship to an unknown place.[1]

Later at the beginning of the Red Lantern Invasion to go through Guardian Space. Saint Walker tried to find the savior on a top of the mountain on Mogo, but at the top he believed he was misled. Though that made Saint Walker not give up and still had hope, which the Blue Lantern Power Battery arrived at the scene giving Saint Walker a Blue Lantern Power Ring, creating the first Blue Lantern.[2][3]

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