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Byth Rok
Byth Rok
First appearance "Flight Club"
Voice Tom Kenny
General Information
Full name
Species Thanagarian
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye Color
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies Bumpy
Enemies Green Lantern Corps, Red Lantern Corps
Powers and abilities
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Byth Rok is the leader of his band of Thanagarian outlaws.

History Edit

Byth Rok is a Thanagarian criminal armed with a silver tongue of deception. He was allegedly married eight times, lastly to Maybaalch, a Selachian. Rok led a group of outlaws and pirates. Eventually, the law caught up to them and they were arrested. They were imprisoned in the Spider Guild Prison. Rok shared a cell with a Green Lantern named Tahvaarus. For whatever reason, Tahvaarus shared the secret code of the Lighthouse with Rok. They were later separated and all Thanagarians were moved to one giant room. A mutiny took place and Rok lost his position as leader. He was soon chained up.

Some time later, Hal Jordan and Kilowog arrived in search of Rok. He took it as a chance for freedom at last. Rok proposed a battle against Bumpy for his freedom. Once Kilowog lost, he increased the stakes and gambled with the Green Lanterns' lives. Jordan managed to win. Once free, Rok tried to alter the deal and get his men's freedom and Tahvaarus' depleted power ring. Anticipating betrayal, Jordan had a mind-altering device placed on Rok, without his knowing. In the scenario, Rok indeed betrayed Jordan for money and freedom. He flew the Interceptor to the Maelstrom and recited the code to activate the Lighthouse. When Jordan freed the remaining Thanagarians to help fight the Red Lanterns, Rok instead led them into space as they had no obligation to aid them and should leave. He also managed to steal Tahvaarus' ring off of Kilowog. Unknown to him, Jordan anticipated this as well, using Byth's group as a scapegoat so his group could escape. Out in space, Rok gloated over his victory however, Bleez' warship soon caught up with him.[1]

Rok was captured and tortured by Zilius Zox and Atrocitus for the code. Rok didn't give in and charged them in exchange but they promised to end him, though he knew they couldn't risk losing the code. Eventually, Rok caved and revealed the code, leaving his fate unknown.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Byth Rok is shady and deceitful with a self confident and selfish personality, as well as a sense of humor. He was a masterful thief, most notably when he swindled Tahvaarus's ring from Kilowog without his knowing. He is also a bit flirtatious, when he explained that he was "in the market for a new wife."[1]

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