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"Cold Fury"
Season 1
Episode 20
Original air date February 2, 2013
Running time
Written by Ernie Altbacker
Directed by Rick Morales
Guest stars
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Cold Fury is the 20th episode of the first season of Green Lantern: The Animated Series. It will air on February 2, 2013.[1]


A horde of Manhunters gives chase as our heroes’ hope runs thin. Their will is truly tested as they prepare for an inevitable face-off against the unstoppable Anti-Monitor – a battle for the lives of everyone in the galaxy.[2]




Production notes[]

Series continuity[]

  • The Anti-Monitor crisis reaches its conclusion.
  • This episode takes place only minutes after the previous episode "Loss".
  • Scar unleashes an extreme amount of power that the Guardians of the Universe once possessed, something unprecedented in the series.
  • Razer mentions that Aya used the image of Razer's dead wife Illana as the base for her physical form, a fact first discovered in "...In Love and War".


  • Razer's reaction pattern towards Aya continues once more in this episode. The pattern has been seen multiple times in the series; Razer shows affection for Aya and then shows a lack of interest towards her.





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