Crimson Clash is a free-to-play game hosted by It is based off of the first two episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Description Edit

This Green Lantern game pits Hal Jordan against vicious Red Lanterns like Zilius Zox, Razer and Atrocitus. Use the power of Green Lantern's ring to fly through frontier space and battle the evil Red Lanterns. Shoot for the highest scores by getting massive combos. Play Crimson Clash and other free online games on Cartoon Network.

Gameplay Edit

In the game, you must play Hal Jordan to defeat the three Red Lanterns. Razer, Zilius Zox, and Atrocitus, respectively.

Z (Power Attack)
X (Shoot)
Space bar (Refill energy)
Move forward
Move backward
Move to the right
Move to the left

Badges Edit

There are six badges in the game that can be achieved by the player if the following in-game requirements are met:

  • RAPID FIRE: Get a Combo of 100
  • MASTER OF WILLPOWER: Beat a Level with 100,000 Points
  • GOING GREEN: Beat Level 1
  • GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT: Beat the Game
  • UNBREAKABLE WILL: Beat a Level Without Getting Hit

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