Showcasing Frontier Space from the Guardian Space.

The Forgotten Zone, also known as Frontier Space or Guardian Frontier[1] is the place of combined sectors and homeworlds that were destroyed by the Manhunters,[2] It's surrounded by the Maelstrom that is on the edge of Guardian space.[1]


Long ago by an ancient civilization, the Lighthouse was created to enter the "Forgotten Zone" through the Maelstrom seperating Guardian Space from the "Forgotten Zone".[3]

The "Forgotten Zone" was victim to the horrid Manhunter massacre. Entire sectors were completely destroyed by the machines. The planets and citizens in the sector were destroyed in the bloodbath. Although the Guardians of the Universe managed to stop the Manhunters before they could move to another sector and destroy the other planets who still survived, the event ultimately lead to the creation of the Red Lantern Corps.[4][2] The Guardians didn't want the people to discover the truth of this dark event, they dubbed it as Frontier Space to other Green Lanterns.[1]

In time the Lightouse was lost, but Green Lantern Tahvaarus went to discover and activate the long-dormant Lighthouse. He somehow discovered the code to activate the Lighthouse and entered the Forgotten Zone.[3]

Known planets


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