First appearance "Razer's Edge"
Voice Rob Paulsen
General Information
Full name
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye Color Yellow
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Affiliations Green Lantern Corps
Allies Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Aya, Razer
Enemies Spider Guild, Red Lantern Corps, Thanagarian outlaws
Powers and abilities

Goggan is a a small alien who is a former prisoner and warden of the prison asteroid.

History Edit

12 years ago, Goggan was somehow locked up in prison on the prison asteroid, where he was tortured by the Spider Guild and became insane. Goggan escaped his confinement through tunneling and on the day when Hal Jordan brought Razer as a prisoner, Goggan stowed-away on the Interceptor. After they left the asteroid, Goggan was discovered and interrogated by them, where he explained that he was tortured by them, which worried Hal and decided to go back to see if it was true along with Kilowog.

Still on the ship, Goggan was waiting for them and worrying that they had already been killed. This made Aya decide to take action and keave the Interceptor. After the Spider Guild were defeated, Goggan ensured that they were locked up and he was appointed as temporary warden by Hal.[1]

Months later, Goggan received a visit from the Interceptor crew, who were looking for Tahvaarus, where he was annoyed by all the work that Hal left him. Goggan lead them to the cell of Tahvaarus. Unfortunately, he was already dead with his decayed body hanging in the cell. However, Tahvaarus left a message that said he had given the secret codes for the Lighthouse to Byth Rok. This scared Goggan, because he had encountered the ruthless Thanagarians before in their prison cell and showed them to Hal and Kilowog.

Goggan waited for the Green Lanterns until they returned with Byth Rok. Soon after the Red Lanterns arrived at the prison asteroid, Goggan was fired as warden by Hal, which relieved him. Goggan went with the Interceptor crew, to hide away from the Red Lanterns. This succeeded, and afterwards they went to follow the escaped Thanagarians. In a few times during the episode, he is shown to "ink himself," thus producing a cloud of ink like an octopus. [2]

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