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First appearance Goldface
General Information
Full name Tajz
Sector 666
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye Color Yellow
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies Razer
Powers and abilities
Goldface is an alien who is powered by yellow crystals. He was given powers by Zilius Zox in an attempt to kill the Green Lanterns.

History Edit

Tajz lived on Volkreg, a planet from the Forgotten Zone, with his family and was friends with Razer until the warlord went against each other destroying cities and even salughtered families including Tajz. The Red Lantern Corps rescued him and used him for their experiments.

Tajz was experimented by Zilius Zox to be encased in yellow crystals, that could make them vulnerable. Tajz was believed that his family survived, but could only get them back after he kills Razer. Enraged by Razer's betrayal and the hope of saving his family went after him. He confronted the Interceptor crew and quickly knocked the Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Kilowog out. In the battle he proclaimed himself as Goldface and attacked Razer, while explaining that he betrayed him and the people on Volkreg. He stated that he would kill Razer and save his family, but was believed by them that they were already killed by the Red Lanterns and that he was used by them. Goldface doubted himself, which activated a temporal vortex defice fitted by the Red Lanterns, creating a black hole. Before he was absorbed into the black hole, he promised that he would return somehow and kill them.[1]

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