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Green Lantern: The Animated Series is an American computer-animated television series based on the DC Comics superhero Green Lantern. The series is produced by Bruce Timm, Jim Krieg and Giancarlo Volpe.

The series follows the adventures of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, and his fellow warrior ally, Kilowog against the series' main antagonists, the Red Lanterns, led by the villain Atrocitus, and the Manhunters. The show first aired on November 11, 2011 as a one hour sneak peak.[1]. The series officially aired on March 3, 2012, with a new episode airing every week since then.

This is the first Green Lantern television series and the first CGI DC/WB series. The first season is 26 episodes long, and consists of two 13 episode-long story arcs.


Season Episodes First airdate Last airdate
One 26[2] November 11, 2011 March 16, 2013

Warner Bros. Animated released the one-hour episode debut of the series in a world premiere screening during the show's panel session at New York Comic Con.[3] The official premiere of the one-hour episode was slated for November 11, 2011, airing on Cartoon Network. The November airing garnered an average of 1.9 million viewers among boys 9-14 and ages 2+. The episode grew across all targeted demos vs. its Young Justice lead-in, and continued to grow its kids 2-11 and boys 2-11 audience across the second half-hour. This ranked the one-hour presentation as Cartoon Network's most-watched program of the night.[4]

The official premiere of the series was broadcasted on March 3, 2012, as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation block. The first season is 26 episodes long, and consists of two 13 episode-long story arcs.[2]



In early stages of production, the show was conceived as a "Bruce Timm-does-CG-project".[5] Phil Kent, chairman and CEO of Time Warner's Turner Networks unit, originally announced that Green Lantern: The Animated Series would be a part of Cartoon Network's original programming. A special preview of the show was shown at the 2010 New York Comic Con featuring test footage, character and story description, and art work.

Bruce Timm who produced the entire DC Animated Universe revealed at New York Comic Con that he would be producing the show. The series is the first television series by Bruce Timm to be rendered using CG. Timm was originally was reluctant to use CG instead of traditional animation.[6] By the time of 2010 New York Comic Con, a total of 26 episode had been ordered for the first season, thirteen had already been planned and five were already recorded. The producers have confirmed that it was requested that the character Sinestro not be used at the time they were developing the show, because at that time his destiny wasn't completely decided in how they wanted to play him in the future.


Giancarlo Volpe also stated that if the series was a success, other Lanterns like Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner have a possibility of being be introduced.


  • Jim Krieg - Producer, Story Editor
  • Sam Register - Executive Producer
  • Lisa Schaffer - Casting and Voice Director
  • Bruce Timm - Executive Producer
  • Giancarlo Volpe - Producer
  • Susan Ward - Line Producer
  • Frederik Wiedmann - Theme and Music Composer

Other media[]

Comic books[]

Comic books have been announced and will be released throughout the broadcasting of the series. Green Lantern: The Animated Series #0 is set to be released on November 30, 2011, written by Art Baltazar and art by Dario Brizuela.[12][13]

Licensed merchandise[]

DC Direct will release two limited edition maquettes, to accompany the official released of Green Lantern: The Animated Series in spring 2012. One of the maquettes, sculpted by Paul Harding is Hal Jordan, set for March 7, 2012.[14] The other, Atrocitus, is sculpted by Dave Cortez and will be released two months after Hal Jordan on May 23, 2012.[15] Mattel will manufacture action figures based on the series.[16]


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