The Green Lantern Corps is the intergalactic police force for the universe. Founded and lead by the ancient Guardians of the Universe. They patrol the vast reaches of Guardian space, divided up into 3600 with each member of the corps being assigned to one[1], or multiple sectors.[2] The Green Lanterns get their powers from the formally assigned Green Lantern Power Ring, which is fueled by the emotion of will. Along with this equipment, they are also known to carry power batteries.

History Edit

Millenia ago the Guardians of the Universe discovered that the emotionless automaton Manhunters slaughtered millions of people and destroyed entire sectors. They had to found another way of protecting the universe.[3] They obtained Green Lantern Power Rings, and dispatched them around the universe searching for a worthy protector of a sector.[1]

In Frontier Space, there was a Lantern killing spree happening, but the Guardians of the Universe chose to ignore it. However two Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and Kilowog went out to investigate the cause with the Interceptor shown to them by Ganthet. They discovered that there were Red Lanterns who wore Red Power Rings.[1]

After the Interceptor crew acquired the plans of the Red Lanterns, whom were to sent out a Red Lantern armada.[4] The Guardians received it and ordered the Green Lanterns on Oa to Frontier Space to defend Guardian Space from the Red Lanterns, making Oa defenseless for the time being.[3]

During the Red Lantern invasion, the Green Lanterns weren't in time to arrive at the battle making Kilowog the only one to stand against the Red Lantern armada. Fortunately Kilowog acquired assistance of Saint Walker and Mogo, whom together could defeat the entire Red Lantern armada along with Shard.

While the Green Lanterns on Oa were gone, Atrocitus invaded the planet planning to kill the Guardians. However the Green Lantern Hal Jordan foiled Atrocitus' plans and defeated him in battle with his willpower.[5] Some time later, Hal Jordan was promoted to Honor Guard, by the Guardians.[2]

Uniform Edit

Every Green Lantern is indentified by their spandex suit with the color green and some variety of black to their uniforms.[1] Though the uniforms can vary of different clothing, like Guy Gardner who wears a sleeveless vest[2] or Kilowog who wears sort of a battle armor. Their uniforms are conjured up by their Green Lantern Power Rings.[1]

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  • Interceptor — Manufactured by the Corps, the Interceptor is an experimental prototype used to travel short or vast distances. The Interceptor is potentially the fastest ship created by sentient life.[1] With the addition of being an remarkably fast ship, the vessel houses the most sophisticated artificial intelligence computer ever devised.[6][1]

Oath Edit

"In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light"
―Green Lantern oath

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