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The Admin noticeboard is a centralized location for alerting administrators to anything that requires or would benefit from their intervention or input related to the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to vandalism, low quality articles, articles image issues, article title disputes, category issues, admin help, and any kind of wiki policy breach. Please only edit this page if you either reporting something, request assistances or directly responding to a question.

  • If you wish to report a low quality article, please use this format when making your report:
    {{low quality|Insert user name or IP|Insert article name}} Any additional information/low quality articles. ~~~~
  • If you wish to give notice of a change to images, please use this format when making your notification:
    {{image change notification|Insert name of image to be replaced|Insert name of replacement image}} ~~~~
  • There are no specified formats for other reports. However, it is extremely useful to provide a link if your problem is related to a particular page or a discussion on the site.