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Hal Jordan
First appearance "Beware My Power (Part 1)"
Voice Josh Keaton
General Information
Full name
Alias Green Lantern
Sir Jetselot
Species Human
Sector 2814 (formerly)
All of Guardian Space
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Affiliations Green Lantern Corps, Interceptor crew formerly Orange Lantern Corps
Allies Kilowog, Aya, Razer, Carol Ferris(romantic partner), Guy Gardner, Tomar-Re, Iolande, Sinestro
Enemies Red Lantern Corps, Spider Guild, Byth Rok, Manhunters, Anti-Monitor
Powers and abilities
Equipment Green Lantern Power Ring, Green Lantern Power Battery
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Hal Jordan is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, who originally served and protected Space Sector 2814 before departing on a quest to stop the Red Lantern Corps from doing misdeeds and causing destruction across the universe. After defeating Atrocitus and foiling his Red Lantern invasion on Oa, he was promoted to Honor Guard of the Green Lantern Corps.[1]


Early years[]

Hal's father was a test pilot who he admired and wanted to be like. One day his father died in a plane crash which caused his mother to make him promise to never follow in his footsteps, but when he was eighteen he chose to forget it and follow his life long dream of taking to the skies. He got a job at Ferris Aircraft where he met his boss and later girlfriend, Carol Ferris. One day his plane was forcefully taken to a crash site where the former Green Lantern of sector 2814 chose him to take his place before he died.[2] Once a Green Lantern, Hal underwent extensive training under the command of Kilowog and eventually grew to become close friends with his mentor Thaal Sinestro. With his newfound powers, Hal became the new Green Lantern of Earth.

Red Lantern Invasion[]

After saving a train from an earthquake and crashing a billion dollar jet belonging to his boss Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan is called back to Oa by the Guardians of the Universe. On Oa he is submitted to a disciplinary hearing when a ring belonging to a Green Lantern who had been killed by the Red Lanterns 18 months earlier in Frontier Space, also known as the Forgotten Zone, arrives on Oa. After this Hal is allowed to leave and was taken by guardian Ganthet to a place to eat but on the way shows Hal The Interceptor, the fasted ship ever created powered by pure green lantern energy with the ability to ultra warp through space and hosting a extremly complex AI nav computer. Later, Hal and his friend and mentor, green lantern Kilowog steal The Interceptor with Hal naming the AI, Aya.

After warp jumping to Frontier Space, almost disintegrating in the process, the green lanterns receive a signal from a G.L. in a firefight with two Red Lanterns. They immediately rush to the G.L.'s aid. During the fight, Hal's power ring runs out of power and he is forced to run. He makes it back to The Interceptor and recharged his ring using the green energy from the ship's engines he blasts the two Reds far away.

After saving Green Lantern Shyir Rev, the crew of The Interceptor encounter a Red Lantern probe and were attacked by it. After destroying the probe, the crew of The Interceptor try to warp jump back to Oa for reinforcements but the warp drive was damaged in the fight with the probe and it wouldn't be repaired for 9 months. Because of Rev's injuries the crew had to land on his home planet to get him fixed, not knowing a tracker was atrached to the ship that led the Red Lanterns right to them. The reds dropped a Liberator on to the planet and the leader of the Red Lantern Corps, Atrocitus, with Red Lanterns Zox and Razer, issued demands for the three Green Lanterns among them or he would destroy the planet. The green lanterns infiltrate the Liberator but can't disarm it. Just before the bomb goes of, Rev forms a construct to prevent the bomb igniting while Kilowog got the inhabitants away from the planet. Rev died saving his people. After this Hal found Razer in space and over-powered him, removing his red power ring and imprisoning him on The Interceptor.

Hal and Kilowog arrived at a prison asteroid, where they were greeted by the prison warden, Myglom. They gave Razer to him as prisoner and left the asteroid. In the Interceptor hey are surprised when they found a stowaway on their ship, Goggan, who revealed that the prison tortured their prisoners. Hal decided to check the prison and sneaked-in along with Kilowog. They discovered one of the torture chambers, but before they could leave they were subdued by the spiders, due that their Power Rings didn't work. They were webbed and were brought to a room where Myglom revealed that the yellow crystals around the prison weakened their rings and after they received their torture they would be eaten by them. After the torture, Hal and Kilowog are saved by Razer with his Red Power Ring, and they leaped into battle. Hal went after Myglom and defeated him. After they won, Razer gave his ring back to Hal. Later, the Lantern imprisoned the Spider guild and Hal appointed Goggan as temporary warden. Instead of letting Razer stay in prison, he decided to bring him along with them and gave his Red Power Ring back.

Shortly after inducting him into the Interceptor crew, Hal watched as Razer argued with Kilowog. He and the rest of his crew tried to help stop a ship from being destroyed when it was caught in a pinhole gravity field. When Aya asked him why he was bothering to waste three lives to save one, Hal told her it was what Green Lanterns do. Once on the ship, Hal, Kilowog and Razer found multiple eggs. Hal watched Kilowog and Razer get into another argument. Hal told Kilowog and Razer to get the engine online while he took Goray to The Interceptor. After this they find creatures in the eggs have hatched and are eating through the power lines. Hal and Razer enter the engine room and seal the doors behind them just in time, only to discover that the engine is frozen over because the hatchlings ate through the heater lines. With the ship approaching the pinhole Hal sent Kilowog to keep tye ship away from the pinhole. As Razer prepared to blast the creatures as they chewed through the door, Hal realized that they weren't the hatchlings. They were service robots that Aya had animated by placing her own AI into them. She had them eat through the power lines to shut down non-essential systems and conserve power, just like she tried to advise Hal earlier. The robots burrowed through the door and Aya directed them into the engine, where they restart the engine. The starboard engine swung into position, but Hal realized that they were too close to the pinhole to escape. Hal went to the bridge, unaware that Kilowog had passed out from the strain of keeping the ship away from the pinhole and was floating towards the pinhole. Razer saved Kilowog and Hal managed to get the ship away from the pinhole. After saving the ship, Aya expressed interest in becoming a Green Lantern. After Kilowog told Aya that a Green Lantern needed to have a body, she made herself a body.

Post Red Lantern invasion[]

Return to Earth[]

After returning to Earth, Hal encountered Guy Gardner, a new Green Lantern. Hal helped Guy stop a crane from crashing to the ground and watched as a newswoman named Vinessa Swelter, come out and broadcast the two. Before Hal could explain who he was, he was pushed out of the way by Guy.

Hal meets his replacement, Guy Gardner.

Attempting to keep his composure, he congratulated Guy and tried to be friendly with him before Guy wrote him off as a fan. Hal questioned what had happened in the time that he was absent. Guy informs him that he is he's replacement. Hal floats in confusion and is then offered to a meal of hot wings with Guy.

The two lanterns have a friendly conversation before a feud is started between them, wrestling to determine who is the rightful Green Lantern of Earth. As the two lantern battled each other, they came across dormant Manhunters in a cave. Hal explained the deciphered a mysterious text and explained to Gardner about the origin of the Manhunters. The Manhunters suddenly reactivated and attack them both. The two fended off the Manhunters and temporarily sealed them inside the cave. Seemingly out of nowhere, Vinessa arrives in her news helicopter to interview them. As they both struggle with each other to tell the reporter the story, the Manhunters reemerge and advance on them. Hal demanded that Vinessa escape while they battled the Manhunters.

As the battle went on, a nearby town attracted the attention of the Manhunters and they proceeded to fly towards it. Grudgingly, Hal and Guy put their feud aside to better combatant the Manhunters; using their effective team work, the two destroyed the Manhunters. Hal and Guy once again act friendly to each other and Guy hugged Hal. Hal checked the damage on the new helicopter and assured Vanessa that she would be able to depart. Hal is alerted to his phone ringing and is immediately reminded of his dinner plans with Carol. Pleading, he tried to apologize. She said that she couldn't continue their relationship with his duties to the Green Lantern Corps, dubbing it a "higher calling". And thus, she ended their relationship. Guy motioned to comfort Hal, but he refuses his friendly gesture. Guy told him that he knews how he felt and stated that Hal has people who care about him. Hal joked that Guy almost sounded human, before Guy asked Hal for Carol's number, claiming she was checking him out through the phone and that she seemed nice.

Hal punching Guy.

Angering him, Hal punched him in the face before receiving a call to report to Oa. Hal returned to Oa, and is angry when the Guardians informed him that Guy would be officially replacing him as the Green Lantern of Earth. As he prepared to bad mouth the Guardians, they stated that he had misunderstood their actions. Due to his noble and brave fight against the Red Lantern invasion, the Guardian bestowed the rank of Green Lantern Honor Guard upon him, protector of all sectors in Guardian Space.[1]

Meeting the Anti-Monitor[]

On his first mission as a member of the Honor Guard, Hal and Tomar-Re investigated a mysterious structure similar to the one he and Guy Gardner destroyed on Earth. Soon enough, were overrun by reactivated Manhunters, After barely escaping in one piece, Hal deduced that there must have been an activation signal that has reawakened the Manhunters. Hal and Tomar-Re reported the incident to the Guardians. After a brief discussion with the Guardians, Hal was granted permission allowed to reassemble his team farther the investigation. First, Hal sought to recruit Kilowog.

Since the Red Lantern Invasion, Kilowog had went back to training new recruits for the Corps. Kilowog at first, refused to go with Hal. Hal challenged him to a wager--Hal would fight one of Kilowog fight his best recruit and if he managed to beat him, Kilowog would have to come with him. Hal was embarrassingly beaten by the new recruit. After getting Kilowog on board, Hal went to get the Interceptor and Aya, only to find that Aya had been replaced by a new AI and that she was scheduled to be dissected. Hal and Kilowog staged a plan to rescue her with Ch'p's help. Hal distracted the lab security officer, Chaselon. After Ch'p obtained Aya's data core from her lifeless body, and replaced it with L.A.N.O.S.'s. Hal and Kilowog arrived at the Interceptor and were surprisingly halted by Tomar-Re, who has been waiting for him.

Tomar-Re informed him that he had discovered a signal that was being transmitted and reactivating the Manhunters. Confirming Hal's hunch to be true. The four raced off to Biot where the signal had originated. They were ambushed by a group of Manhunters and were forced to flee into bunker which was discovered to be a Manhunter factory. The Lanterns were faced more opposition. Hal ordered Aya to target their location with the Interceptor's weapons function, narrowly saving them.

Hal hold his ground against the Anti-Monitor's powerful beam.

The Anti-Monitor unearthed himself to the Lanterns, which lead them to a confrontation with him. Aya duplicated the Interceptor's previous attack, though had little effect on the Anti-Monitor. The lanterns had gone on to retreat, just as the Anti-Monitor unveiled a giant beam attack. Hal withstood the attack and shielded the others and insisted to them to get off world. Hal's ring eventually gave out, and he was engulfed in Anti-matter and was apparently disintegrated. Leaving his comrades to believe he had perished.[3]

Antimatter Universe[]

Despite his apparent vaporization, Hal was not dead. The Anti-Monitor's blast had caused him to spiral into an alternate steampunk-esque universe. Upon Hal's arrival, he tried to contact the rest of the Interceptor crew, but with no avail. Deciding to examine his current location, Hal decided to use his ring to thrust himself into the city and protect himself as well. He saw a woman protesting the exploits of a man named Duke Nigel. Shortly into her protest, the woman was attacked by Duke Nigel's robots. Hal watched as a man going by the codename of Steam Lantern tried to save her. However, after Steam Lantern was advanced on by Duke Nigel's robot, Hal intervened and helped the hero.

After helping Steam Lantern, Hal destroyed the three robots and followed Steam Lantern and the woman, later revealed to him as Lady Catherine, back to their air ballon. Upon proper introductions, Gil was surprised to see that Hal was a real Green Lantern and mentioned his encounter with another Green Lantern that he claimed sported a red shirt and a cape. After Hal was asked by Gil if he knew the Green Lantern he had previously met, Hal told him he hadn't. Hal was also told by Gil that Lady Catherine made the Steam Lantern suit and the material they were made by Hardtofindium.

Hal questioned the material the Gil's suit was made out of and Catherine told him that the suit was a necessity in their fight against Duke Nigel. She explained to Hal that the stars in their world had been winking out one by one and that Duke Nigel promised that he could save their world if they did everything he said, and soon became a tyrant and had turned their world into a industrial nightmare ever since. Hal Jordan immediately recognized Anti-Monitor after Lady Catherine mentioned his brief alliance with Duke Nigel, as the latter's way of intimidating the two. Hal told them of his past encounter with Anti-Monitor.

Hal comprehended that he was in another universe and listened to Catherine's suggestion that he access the electric power in Nigel's lab so that he could contact his friends in his home universe. Although he was warned by Catherine that it would be no easy task, Hal and the two flew to Nigel's lab and discovered that Nigel had been doing a substantial amount of research on the sun. Making as much good use of their time as he could, Jordan contacted the Interceptor, slicing into an argument between Kilowog and Tomar-Re. With the two's help, Hal devised a plan to launch himself back into their universe.

After Catherine's departure from the two's presence, Hal was given a confession by Gil. He revealed that he was defeated and that Duke Nigel had made a deal with Anti-Monitor to spare their universe and if so, he would create a device to send him into another universe. The three were captured by Duke Nigel and were offered freedom, if Gil confessed to the citizens that he was a fraud and that Nigel was really the one that saved their universe, essentially wanting him to admit the truth.

After Gil followed his orders, announced the truth via live broadcast and was still cheered on by the citizens, Hal told a rather dazed and confused Duke Nigel that the people recognized him as a hero. Duke Nigel realized that Anti-Monitor had sucked most of the life out of the star before he left, breaking the deal the two had initially formed together. Hal was apologized to by Nigel for threatening his universe. After he was asked by Gil and Catherine if he was ready for tea, Hal told them it was unnecessary and that he had a plan to save the world. Gil offered to fly him up to the "rip", to conserve his ring power. They did so, and Hal proceeded to open the rip with the help of Gil, and then Jordan flew alone around the entire world pushing the rip around the world, and enclosing it in his universe, thereby saving the world from certain destruction. Hal's ring went out and caused him to plummet in space before he was saved by Steam Lantern. He later had tea with him and announced to Kilowog, who was still worried for him, his success.

Seeking Ganthet[]

While the Manhunters threat escalated[4] all over Guardian space, Hal and the Interceptor crew ventured to the remote world of Odym. Upon arrival, the crew reunited with the former Guardian, Ganthet, and were introduced to his Blue Lantern allies. Unexpectedly, they were greeted by Razer, though were duly happy to see their former teammates. After they reuniting, Hal unveiled the salvaged Manhunter drone his crew had brought with them from Zeta Prime and asked Ganthet if he could give them a hint to a potential weakness within the Manhunters. Ganthet offered his assistance, but enthusiastically whisked them away to see the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery. Ganthet awakened the Central battery, supercharging the Green Lantern's power rings. While they took delight in the powerup, they were ambushed by the Manhunter drone.

Hal and his crew question the Mahunter on it's logic.

The two lanterns overcame the drone and took it back to the ship. The drones reactivation had made it clear that the Central Battery had repaired the robot's damage system and had inadvertently supercharged it. Aya worked out a way to reboot the drone for questioning, though immobilizing it, and Hal proceed to harshly criticize it for it's actions. The drone gave objection, stating that emotional beings were criminals, but Hal asked it how it could determine what was right and wrong. The drone remained stubborn and the interrogation amounted to a nonentity worthwhile outcome.

That evening, Razer altered the crew of Aya's mysterious absence, along with the the disappearance of the defective Manhunter. Before they could search, three Manhunter drones, being supercharged, confronted them and demanded that they hand over the central battery. Engaging, Hal took care of one of the drones, though was blindsided by another. The battle raged onto dust with Hal – along with Kilowog and the Blue Lanterns – struggling to hold their ground. While the Manhunter executed their endgame, Razer and Saint Walker made a swiftly devised plan and foiled the drones attempt to make away with the battery. With their power levels back to normal, the Green Lanterns, using a combined maneuver, destroyed the Manhunters. As the battle ended, Aya return in one peace to the group, though was blasted by the sole remaining Mahunter. Hal and friends watched on in confusion and shock as Razer savagely demolished the drone. Afterwards, Hal advised Ganthet that it would be best that the Central battery be kept off for a period of time, stating to keep "hope on hold for awhile", to which Ganthet happily contradicted that hope would always remain. Hal and his team left the planet, reincorporating Razer.[5]

Falsehood among the crew[]

With his group finally full reunited, Jordan was given a review of polices by Kilowog. He failed to correctly answer a few and expressed his distain for having to endure them. Just then, he was alerted of a call by a Aya from the Green Lantern of Sector 1417. Hal was overjoyed and was happy to finally have a call he would willing like to answer. The caller turned out to be Sinestro, a superior in rank Green Lantern that Jordan had a history with. Razer asked Jordan if Sinestro was a warrior of quality. Jordan stood up and told him that Sinestro was a legend in the Green Lantern Corps and was more than ready to tell Razer of some of his accomplishments. After answering the call, Sinestro was surprised to see Jordan in the area. Hal asked how he and his team could help. Sinestro requested aid in escaping from the Spider Guild with a prisoner. Hal was anxious to help and was given orders by Sinestro to meet him by the tower and not to dawdle. Hal told him he would come for him and went off.

During his flight on the Interceptor to come to Sinestro's aid, Aya alerted him of a call coming directly from the Spider Guild. The Spider Guild's leader, claimed to Jordan that Sinestro had illegally captured one of their captives without their permission and warned Jordan not to assist him or else his own actions would be considered hostile. Hal wasn't phased, telling the Spider Guild leader to let Sinestro leave or else he and his crew would consider his actions the same. The leader assured him that he was making a grave mistake helping Sinestro escape. Torrents shot at the Interceptor, Jordan's piloting skills being able to dodge all of the blast as they ventured further into the prison. As Jordan dodged the blasts, he became worried that he would soon be hit. He contacted Sinestro and tried to see where he was, before Sinestro assured him he would arrive soon.

Hal shot a single blast at a pipe, allowing Sinestro to finally make eye contact with the Interceptor. After the group found out the Spider Guild was soon to be destroyed from it's self destruction, Hal and the others aboard the Interceptor escaped just before it's detonation, with Sinestro on top of the ship. As Sinestro came aboard, Jordan wondered with Kilowog why the Spider Guild's leader would detonate the Spider Guild for the sake of keeping Sinestro from escaping. Jordan concluded that Sinestro was the right person to ask, as he watched him walk in. Jordan asked him what had happened while he was in the guild.

Sinestro explained that he had been assigned by the Guardians of the Universe to capture him. As the creature was sealed, Hal introduced Sinestro to Razer following a comment the latter made about the Spider Guild's technology. Sinestro showed distain in Jordan keeping a Red Lantern on his ship, to which Hal told him that Razer had done very efficient work while being a member of his group. Following a few exchanges, Jordan returned with the Interceptor crew to the main room of the ship and discussed Sinestro, before the latter came and shot Razer in the chest. Jordan and Kilowog tried to stop him, but were subdued by his attacks and an eventual net being thrown on the two. As he prepared to finish of Hal, he was hit and rendered unconscious by Razer. While later being interrogated, Hal was surprised to see Sinestro claim to have no recollection of the events that transpired shortly after his arrival on the ship.

Jordan told him that when the group arrived on Oa, they would get him "'Fixed up'". He and Kilowog left him inside of the small prison and discussed Sinestro's strange behavior. As time went on, he grew agitated with his fellow board members, particularly Kilowog and Razer. During a clash with the three, he discovered that the alien captured by Sinestro had been the one controlling the heroes four. He determined that if the group continued to make constructs, they would be able to prove they weren't under his control, as the alien could not since he had previously had to use a weapon while controlling them. J After Sinestro revealed he had escaped from his prison, He and Aya determined the alien could be snuffed out if all of the ship's main places for air were cut off. As the alien had control of Razer, Hal urged it to sustain air back in captivity. It did so, but was unable to since Sinestro had left the ship's ventilation off by placing a block in front of it.

Hal arrived with the Interceptor crew and upon seeing the alien's corpse, asked Sinestro what happened to it. Sinestro claimed he must have damaged the venting system while he escaped. Jordan was chilled by this discovery, reminding Sinestro of the Green Lantern code. Sinestro told Jordan that he couldn't save him, even stating his death was for the best as he wouldn't want to risk the alien being let loose on Oa. Kilowog told Jordan he had a point, but Hal merely wanted to get the ship moving and report to Oa.[6]

Restoring Ysmault[]

Following the Guardians of the Universe and the Red Lantern Corps's agreement to rebuild Ysmault the reconstruction movement was officially announced to the Ysmault people by Prime magistrate Zox, Hal and his friends took a ride of the Interceptor to watch the ceremony, but first made a pit-stop on Razer's homeworld on his request. After receiving a message from the science director to come to Ysmault, Hal called for Razer and Aya to return to the ship.

Arriving on Ysmault, they were quickly greeted by the science director, but she placed her attention towards the survival of Aya, but Hal protected her from the Guardian, but she put the matter aside and ordered them to take out a Manhunter, who was dormant on the planet, before it was noticed by the Red Lanterns. The crew quickly found the Manhunter and disabled it, but their mission was put to danger after Zox witnessed the robot, believing it to be a treacherous act from the Guardians. However Zox was knocked out and locked up in the cell. Hal reported to the science director about the mission, where she was disappointed on how they handled the prime magistrate. However as the matters could not get worse, Aya sensed an anti-matter pulse near the Maelstrom.

They ventured towards tha asteroid barrier and witnessed the arrival of the Anti-Monitor entering Frontier Space. The science director explained the origins of the Anti-Monitor, which Zilius Zox blamed them for using it as a weapon against the Red Lantern Corps, but Hal infuriated showed Zox if they did, that the Anti-Monitor would have already done it seeing as it easily absorbed the Maelstrom. However they were noticed by the Anti-Monitor and tried to escape the scene, but the warp engine had to be prepared. While Aya prepared it, the Green Lanterns and Razer went off to fend off the Manhunters, later after obliterating several Manhunters, Hal and Kilowog returned to ship discovering that Aya was missing who went to search for Razer who didn't return. They used the Interceptor to find them. They eventually found Razer who encountered the Anti-Monitor and rescued him before he was hit by the anti-matter ray of the Anti-Monitor.[7]

When Razer arrived in the bridge, Hal wondered where Aya was, which Razer replied that she died. Shocking Hal, he quickly blamed Razer that he didn't return to ship, to which he reponded with his fury, however he was calmed down by Kilowog. After Zilius Zox and the science director left the room, Hal blamed himself for Aya's dead, but was motivated by Kilowog move on. The crew flew towards Ysmault, but were chased by the Manhunters who gained on them. Hal asked if the science director could banish the Anti-Monitor to another universe, just like Krona did, but she explained that she did not have the power as they did from back then. Hal wondered if the science director had a plan and ordered them to stop the ship and ordered Hal to accompany her. They confronted the Manhunters and the science director used her powers to disable them. Hal remarked how the Guardians didn't possess that power, but she replied that she mastered them again after the Guardians foolishly casted them aside. They were then approached by the Anti-Monitor, and Hal witnessed as the Guardian and the Anti-Monitor used their energy beams against each other, but the Anti-Monitor's power was too much for her and was annihilated.

Hal was subdued by the Anti-Monitor and was forced to watch by the Anti-Monitor as he obliterated the Interceptor, but they were rescued by the fire barrage of Shard, called for back-up by Zox. However as Anti-Monitor easily dealt against Shard, Hal returned to the ship and demanded Zox for his men to retreat, to which Zox reluctantly complied. As hope seemed nill, Hal and the others were overjoyed to see the return of Aya who saved herself by uploading herself to a disabled Manhunter. Hal asked Aya to co-ordinate Ysmault's planetary defenses against the army of Manhunters and the Anti-Monitor, to which she complied but needed assistance of Razer. Hal and Kilowog left the room, and flew towards Ysmault. When they arrived near Ysmault, Hal asked Zox to rally the troops against the incoming battle. As he watched Zox leaving, Hal was approached by Aya, who felt pain because Razer didn't love her. Hal tried to explain that he didn't want to hurt her as he didn't want to hurt Carol. However Hal put this on hold as they had to prepare against the war.

When the Manhunters arrived, the crew went into battle, but it seemed hopeless against the sheer force of the automatons. During the battle the ship was shut down, to which Hal noticed that Aya was absorbing the main battery of the Interceptor. Hal was shocked to hear that Aya shut down her emotions, as Aya went to destroy the Anti-Monitor, Hal tried to stop, but was rejected by Aya by shooting an energy blast towards. Hal returned to the bridge and witnessed as Aya destroyed the Anti-Monitor, immobilizing the Manhunters.

As it seemed a victory for them, they were brought towards Aya with an alternate appearace and used the Anti-Monitor's corpse. The crew tried to console Aya to return, but she refused to listen and declared herself to be the queen of the Manhunters. She reactivated the Manhunters and continued to listen to Aya how emotions caused pain, before they were blasted by Aya.[8]

After being blasted by Aya, the crew was stuck in space and couldn't fly anywhere with their main battery empty and couldn't recharge their rings. The Interceptor was pulled by the gravity of a nearby planet, with the atmosphere filled almost of all of methane, and crashlanded on it. The crew discovered a dome-sealed citadel and decided to hide over there, however the citizens were hostile against Green Lanterns and attacked them. The rings of Hal and Kilowog eventually ran out, making Razer, the only one with a working ring, a translator for both of them. The crew sneaked into the city, but after Razer's ring went out losing the only translator, they were discovered by the aliens. As the crew tried to escape they were captured by the aliens.

They were taken to a gladiator arena where they had to fight against a large creature with a whip. The crew had difficulty fighting it, but Hal noticed on the creature's belt a head of a Manhunter. He tried to make it clear to the others, and eventually his and Kilowog's rings by using the Manhunter's head. They returned to the ship, where the main battery had recharged, and after Hal boasted on his speech at the arena, confusing the other Lanterns as they could not understand him, they departed from the planet with Interceptor.[9]

Reunion with Carol[]

Trying to get back to Oa in a short time, they had the plan to use the ultrawarp, but it had huge risks. After Razer calculated the trajections, they used the ultrawarp, but they landed near a star, fortunately they escaped from its atmosphere. While they were near Oa, Hal noticed a portal showing up, revealing Carol fighting against Atrocitus. Hal flew in, arriving on Zamaron. There he was glad to see Carol again, however despite their combined teamwork, Atrocitus still had the hand in battle. When Atrocitus prepared to finish Hal off, Hal was protected when Ghia'ta jumped in to protect her love. Hal decided to finish it off, and with Carol's help, knocked out Atrocitus making them the victors of the battle between love and hate.

However Hal was saddened that Ghia'ta had to die during the battle. Despite all that Aya was displeased of the match, seeing as Ghia'ta died because of love. Hal tried to persuade her to come back, but she refused. She prepared to finish Hal and Carol off, but they were saved by Razer and Kilowog. Hal was shocked that Aya declared she will get rid all emotional beings in unison, to replace them with emotionless Manhunters and watched as she departed with her Manhunters.

After the ordeal, the crew and Aga'po mourned for Ghia'ta's dead. After Carol decided to keep her ring and went to return to Earth, she gave Hal a kiss on the cheek and bade farewell.[10]

Orange Lantern Battery[]

Aboard the Interceptor, Hal was scolded by Appa Ali Apsa over Aya's recent evil decision. Hal admitted that their situation was his fault and tried to suggest talking to Aya before quickly being denied by Appa, whom stated that a new A.I.  would be installed and ordered that after it's instillation that Hal and the others go to Oa. After Hal asked what action they would take upon his arrival to Oa, Appa stated that the council would decide what to do regarding the universal threat that he had created. Following Appa's transmission's ending, Hal stressed to Kilowog that he did not believe that Appa and the other Guardians were making the right decision and that he believed Aya was still inside of herself somewhere, suggesting that the group try to talk to her.

Following Kilowog questioning what the group would do if she attacked them while they tried to be nice to her, Hal stated that while they could not overlook that possibility and they would need something to even their odds. Hal was quickly confused over Razer's suggestion to use the Orange Energy. Hal allowed Razer to continue with his suggestion and learned of the Orange Lanterns. As Razer retreated to his corders, Hal concluded that he was really hurting and upon their arrival to Okaara, suggested that Kilowog keep an eye on him. Hal made his way towards the Orange Lantern Power Battery and was soon met by Larfleeze, whom chose to question him as he approached it. Though Hal initially stated that he would return the battery after using it to save others, the power of it's greed caused Hal to state that the Orange Lantern Power Battery was his and stated to run with it. Though Larfleeze initially sent several constructs to attack him, Hal managed to subdue each of them before Larfleeze attacked him directly, claiming that those whom tried to steal the Orange Lantern Power Battery would die. However, Hal was soon saved by both Razer and Kilowog. As Razer concluded that Larfleeze was insane, Hal insisted that the group did not have any time for him and quickly defeated him.

Hal shortly after becoming an Orange Lantern.

After returning to the Interceptor, Hal began to become obsessive over the Orange Lantern and quickly insisted that he was fine. Following Razer's suggestion that the group could use their Orange Lantern Power Battery to restore Aya to herself, Hal corrected him rather angrily by stating that the Orange Lantern Power Battery was only his. As Razer and Kilowog tried to help him, Hal wrongfully accused the two of trying to steal his Orange Lantern by double-teaming him before knocking the two out with the battery's power and transforming into an actual Orange Lantern.

Following his transformation, Hal retreated to Larfleeze's lair and placed ten Orange Lantern rings on his hands, one on each finger. He was soon discovered by Larfleeze, Razer and Kilowog, addressing the latter two as his old friends. While they tried to explain that the Orange Lantern was filling him with greed, Hal ignored them and went outside, where they brought up Aya to him. As Hal uttered her name, the revelation that she was currently indulging in destroying the universe dawned on him and caused him to have enough strength to resist the Orange Lantern greed that had clouded him. With his original personality and will back in check, he watched with the others as Larfleeze become intrigued with his returned battery and realized that it could not help the group as he originally thought. Hal promised not to take anything and went off with the others after Larfleeze failed to give them a gift. Following Razer's suggestion that the group could turn Aya back, Hal believed in his theory due to his own transition to evil and restoration to good.[11]

Physical appearance[]

Hal Jordan is a Caucasian male with short brown hair. A dark green domino mask hides his true identity. As apart of the regular Green Lantern costume, he wears a green and black suit.

The torso and shoulders are green, while the legs, arms, and armpits are black, his costume comes with two pairs of white gloves that cover his forearms and hands, while the feet of the the costume are green. The Green Lantern Corps symbol is on his chest.

In his civilian clothes, Hal is known to wear his test pilot clothing. A greyish test pilot suit with a zipper running up from his chest to his neck.[12][13]

When part of the Orange Lantern Corps, Hal's costume changed completely. Instead of green and black, his suit became orange and black. The body is orange while armpit areas and legs display hints of black. His mask changes to a black color and his eyes turn red. The Orange Lantern Corps symbol is on his chest and he seems to have become much more muscular through the transformation.

Personality and traits[]

Being a born leader, Hal loves his role as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. He laughs in the face of danger and rushes headfirst into action. Hal also has a rebellious attitude, as evident by his discussions with the Guardians of the Universes. On top of that, he can also be quite flirtatious when in the presence of women. Although he possesses a comical spirit, Hal can just as easily shift to a serious demeanour. Hal excels at leadership and cooperation. His innovative and unique behavior allows him to escape unharmed from even the most threatening of situations. Due to his sense of responsibility, valour and indomitable will, Hal is a valued member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Hal Jordan, Ferris Aricraft testpilot and Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

Hal had a bit of a contradictory side, as noted by Kilowog, when he got angry at Aya for not following his orders. This wouldn't be the only time, he also got mad at Razer for trying to defeat Atrocitus on his own. His reasons for being angry with Razer were slightly more understandable, the mission left the team with a heavily injured member and an indication to Atrocitus that the group was still alive.

Hal's attitude towards others and general good heart often formed his friendships. However, his easy going nature and attempt to resolve situations peacefully were taken for granted by a few, such as Atrocitus when he had a one on one battle with him.

After being promoted by the Guardians, Hal's overall characteristics have not changed much, if at all. Hal believes himself to be a standard Green Lantern and is not one to show himself as being better than others, this possibly being the reason why he clashes with Guy Gardner. Hal seems to be more of a talker than a fighter, as most of the time he will offer to spare his enemies fighting him when he is first encountered.

He will constantly put his life on the line and protect others while doing so. He is the shining example of a true Green Lantern and a real hero.


Pilot: Hal has shown be very skilled in driving various vehicles on every situation mostly on the Interceptor.

Combatant: Hal is a strong boxer thanks to gym training, he has shown going up against others without using his ring.

Indomitable Will: Hal’s will for stopping any kind of threat makes him an extraordinary corp member.


  • Green Lantern Power Ring: Being a member of the Green Lantern Corps, Hal uses the Green Power Ring as his signature weapon. By imagining, the ring can project constructs in a green light and do physical damage.[12] Hal uses his ring in an unique way, being a human he makes object constructs from what he sees from that are unique to the planet Earth.[14] Example constructs includes: a bat,[12] a giant hand, and a giant drill.[13]He can also project beams of energy and can fly.




"Kilowog! Hey buddy."
―Hal to Kilowog in "Beware My Power".

Hal and Kilowog.

Hal and Kilowog have an immensely strong relationship. Marking back to his early years as a lantern, Kilowog was Hal's drill sergeant[15], an experience that started their good relations towards each other. Being a adventurous person, Hal's actions at time conflicts with Kilowog's by the book personality. Though at times, Kilowog was nice enough to bail Hal out of scolding by the Guardians, an of kindness act he would refuse on some occasion. [12]

During the investigation of Green Lantern murders in Frontier Space, Hal's and Kilowog's relations were initially good natured, shown when Kilowog helped Hal sneak aboard the Interceptor. Later while taking refuge on Colony 12, Kilowog told Shyir Rev that the planet reminded him of his abolished homeworld, Hal chimed into the conversation and gave his condolences, being unaware of it's destruction.

Hal showed great interest in Kilowog's well being. Being enraged when Razer told him that Kilowog, along with Shyir Rev, had died in the destruction of Colony 12 and giving off a believable performance when Kilowog was pronounced dead on Betrassus, though the death was a hoax to draw out Green Lantern Dulok's killer.[2] And tried to comfort him after his separation with his lover, Galia.[16]


Hal and Kilowog brought Aya back into the world as they were hijacking her ship when they left Oa. Hal complimented her upon their first speaking with each other, much to Kilowog's annoyance. Early on, Hal regarded Aya as a rookie due to her inexperience. However after she went in his place while preforming a dangerous mission against his protest, Hal told her that she had evolved past his expectations.


Out of every member of the Interceptor crew, Hal was the first to see Razer's turn to good after he saved him and Kilowog and decided to take him with the two and Aya. Unlike Kilowog, Hal tried to ignore Razer's rude comments and respond to him in a respectful way. Like Kilowog, he and Razer didn't always see eye to eye, but the two recognized that they both wanted to stop the Red Lantern Corps. However, the two wanted to defeat the Red Lanterns for different reasons. Hal wanted to defeat them for the greater good, while Razer wanted to out of hate for Atrocitus.

Hal decided to take Razer's rage and use it to his advantage, gaining another ally in his fight against the Red Lanterns. His goal was for Razer to understand the power that was inside of him and use his rage for a greater cause, more than just for a vendetta against Atrocitus.


Of all the Guardians, Hal liked Ganthet the most. Hal thought Ganthet was the fairest, nicest and wisest of them and even expressed distaste in his banishment at the hands of Appa Ali Apsa. Hal and Ganthet encountered each other when Hal and the Interceptor crew came to Odym.

Love interests[]

Carol Ferris[]

Carol was Hal's boss during his time working at Ferris's company. He developed feelings for her and eventually, they became mutual. Despite their love, Hal couldn't be seriously committed towards Carol because of her constant attempts to push him away due to their positions at work. Eventually, Hal started to win her over. However, this victory was bittersweet as he was forced to leave her while he tried to stop the Red Lanterns. Before he realized his quest with the Red Lantern's true length, Hal and Kilowog expressed excitement in Hal being able to arrive on Earth on time for a date with her. However after realizing the Red Lantern's threat, Hal told Kilowog she would have to wait.

Unknown to Hal, Carol had spent most of her time sending search and rescue squads for him, thinking he was still on Earth. Hal would cross paths again with her when she was taken to him by the Star Sapphires while he was presently on their planet. Hal complimented her before he took a beating from her, during her enraged and choleric state. Hal stopped Carol during the fight and confessed that leaving her behind was the hardest thing he had ever had to do.

Carol told Hal to just come back alive to her after he defeated the Red Lantern Corps, something Hal would do. Hal saw Carol one last time before he defeated the Red Lanterns, when he briefly returned to Earth via the Star Sapphires and lost his memory of the then-current fight against the Red Lanterns, instead becoming enamored with spending time with her. Hal was given his memories back after Carol found his green lantern and used it to charge his ring. He kissed her and went off.

After Hal defeated Atrocitus, Carol was again the subject of Hal's attention. After Hal finished defeating three Manhunters with Guy Gardner, Hal was called by Carol. Despite Hal's protest, Carol broke up with him.

Later they reconciled in Love is a Battlefield after Carol sended him to Zamoron to assist her in defeating Atrocitus.


Upon meeting Iolande, Hal greeted her properly, as she was the queen of her planet. The two went out and had fun together, going riding and talking. Hal aided Iolande in defeating Ragnar after her brother tried to become a Green Lantern after assassinating Dulok. Hal convinced Iolande to put on the ring and thus, she became a Green Lantern. After Ragnar was incarcerated, Hal gave her the option of coming with him and his team. However, Iolande rejected his offer as she was busy protecting her homeworld. Iolande shared a kiss with Hal before departing to continue her affairs.


Background information[]

  • Hal Jordan is the Silver Age version of Green Lantern, a test pilot working for Ferris Aircraft. He's been a member of the Corps and the Justice League of America, later becoming the new Specter after the Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  • This is Hal Jordan's 13th animated appearance. He has appeared in Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, Super Friends, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the Duck Dodgers episode "The Green Loontern", Justice League: The New Frontier, Green Lantern: First Flight, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Justice League: Doom, and has made cameo apperances in several episodes of Young Justice.


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