Invisible Destroyer
Invisible Destroyer
First appearance The Invisible Destroyer
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Enemies Green Lantern Corps
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The Invisible Destroyer is an old enemy of the Green Lantern Corps.

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The Destroyer wears a magenta coat with orange gloves and black pants. He possesses a metallic head base, with no visible facial features. He also has a metal belt with a single circle in the middle.[1]


In a far off region of the universe, a catatonic Invisible Destroyer was drifting helplessly through space. A lone particle feeder came in contact with his hand, only to be absorbed by it. The Destroyer discovered the creature came in contact with willpower, the energy of a Green Lantern, and demanded more power.

After finding the Interceptor, the Invisible Destroyer drained its power and attracted the attention of Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Razer. The Destroyer's power was to great for them to manage, and the crew flew off to a distant asteroid to think of a strategy.

The Invisible Destroyer followed and attacked their position on the rock. Hal devised a plan to throw solid objects towards the Destroyer to defeat him. Old Timer set off explosives to knock the Invisible Destroyer off his guard, causing him to swell. Old Timer finished him off with his shoveling gloves, sending the Destroyer into supernova, obliterating him.[1]

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