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First appearance "Beware My Power (Part 1)"
Voice Kevin Michael Richardson
General Information
Full name
Alias Green Lantern
Species Bolovaxian[1]
Sector Space Sector 0674
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye Color Red
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Affiliations Green Lantern Corps, Interceptor crew
Allies Hal Jordan, Razer, Aya, Galia, Saint Walker, Tomar-Re
Enemies Red Lantern Corps, Spider Guild, Zartok, Manhunters, Anti-Monitor
Powers and abilities
Equipment Green Lantern Power Ring, Green Lantern Power Battery
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Kilowog is a Bolovaxian member of the Green Lantern Corps. He is a drill instructor, responsible for teaching and mentoring newly-recruited Green Lanterns in Oa.[2] While he served the Corps, Kilowog's planet was destroyed, wiping out his people and most importantly his family.[3] Kilowog continued to serve the Corps and became close friends with Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Earth. He originally trained Jordan as a new recruit when he was first inducted into the Corps.[3] Kilowog aided Jordan on their escapade in Frontier Space to confront the Red Lantern Corps after the group attempted to murder a Green Lantern, nine months after the murder of M'Ten.[4] Kilowog and Hal were joined, in their quest, by a Red Lantern named Razer, who they originally wanted to keep captive before he saved the two from their certain deaths.[5] Kilowog would argue with the rogue Red Lantern frequently on their quest and continued to do so up until the defeat of Atrocitus.[6] Kilowog returned to his previous position of training young Green Lanterns before he was recruited by Hal for a new team to face off against Anti-Monitor, a being seeking to destroy the universe and eliminate all of existence.[2]



Originally, Kilowog had a wife and family that supported him in his time as a Green Lantern. Through his family, he found love and admiration. However, Kilowog bore witness as his planet was destroyed before his very eyes. He became depressed over this development and buried himself in training Green Lanterns. One of these trainees was Hal Jordan, and the two eventually became partners and close friends. 

Rise of the Red Lanterns[]

He was present when Hal Jordan, a fellow Green Lantern, who had joined the corps after him, came to see the Guardians of Oa. The two both thought it was unfair of the guardians to not tell them about the other Green Lanterns of considerable distance, who receive very little training once being chosen by the Power ring. Kilowog and Hal were shown a hidden ship by Ganthet, a member of the Guardians of Oa. Ganthet assured them that he only showed them the ship because they were just visiting.

Kilowog caught Hal trying to sneak aboard the ship and take it to help the Green Lanterns. Kilowog decided to go with him, telling him he couldn't go there alone. The two boarded the ship and meet Aya, a voice navigation system on the ship. Kilowog scolded Hal for talking to her as though she were a person. The two rescued a Green Lantern named Shyir Rev.

Kilowog brought him back to the ship while Hal fought a new type of corp previously unseen by any of the Green Lantern Corps, Red Lanterns. Before leaving, he asked Hal what he wanted written on his tombstone. Kilowog fought a Red Lantern named Razer, a battle cut short as he and Hal retreated. The two and Rev fought the Red Lanterns again when they came to Rev's home world. Kilowog was thought dead by Hal, who defeated and captured Razer as his prisoner, but, Kilowog had saved every single citizen while using his Power ring. As the two left the planet, Kilowog was asked by Hal what they were going to do with Razer.

Skirmish with Razer[]

Kilowog became duly frustrated towards Razer's attitude.

Despite Hal's open arms towards Razer, Kilowog struggled with accepting the Red Lantern. He was continually frustrated at Razer's disregard to answer any of his questions and his odd addiction to watching a recording of Colony 12's destruction repeatedly.

After contacting the Guardians, Kilowog along with Hal traveled to nearby a frontier space prison to drop off their Red Lantern captive. Eager to depose of Razer, Kilowog promptly gave him over to the warden Myglom.[5] Upon leaving the facility, Kilowog was altered to a mysterious figure scrambling across the deck of the Interceptor. After his insistence to Hal that something had been onboard the ship, the figure laid full view in front of them. The two lanterns formed up and went to search for the stow away on the exterior of the ship—fanning out to different ends of the ship to cover more ground. With a improvised plan devised by Hal, they captured the mysterious stowaway, Goggan. Back aboard the Interceptor, they interrogated Goggan, who told them that he been a prisoner at the Spider guild prison and that the facility was a cover for torturing inmates.

Hal formulated a plan to rescue Razer, though Kilowog detested against a rescue mission for the enemy. However, much to his disapproval, they ventured back to the prison to rescue Razer. Already aware of their presence, the Spider Guild henchmen quickly ambushed them. Their rings were deactivated due to the large amount of yellow crystals, leaving them virtually defenseless and thus were rendered unconscious. When they he came to, he and Hal were tied in spider silk hanging from the ceiling. Myglom revealed his true nature and told them that they had to be disposed of to maintain the cover of the prison. He told them that their power rings were nullified, as the crystal had weakened them. The Spider Guild henchmen proceeded to putting torture headbands on their heads, making them relive their worst moments. After experiencing the torture devices for a brief time, Myglom ordered that the Green Lanterns be eaten.

Even after he saved his life, Kilowog is still untrustworthy of Razer.

Unexpectedly, Razer came to their rescue, an act that surprised and frustrated Kilowog, whom engaged took out multiple henchmen out of pride from being saved by him. Successfully repelling the Spider Guild, he and Hal went back to the ship to depart. Hal temporarily handed over control of the facility to Goggan and, much to Kilowog's surprise, revealed that Razer was coming with them. Still uneasy about Razer, he recollected their brief holding under the torture devices and growls that traveling with Razer was far worst.[5]

Following Razer's induction into the Interceptor crew, he began to be served meals. During one of these servings, Kilowog playfully bumped him on the back and sat north of him, hoping to talk as the two ate their food together. Kilowog began to digest his food rather mercilessly and crudely while Razer preferred to eat in a more civilized manner. Kilowog took notice of this and asked Razer angrily if he had any difficulties with him.

Following a rude response from Razer, Kilowog grabbed Razer and prepared to fight him as the two stared into each other's eyes. Their stare down was broken up by Hal Jordan, who reminded Kilowog of his earlier speech about killing Razer. After this reminder, Kilowog tried to assure Jordan that he was joking around with Razer and to not regard their arguments in a serious manner before the former turned his eyes and questions to Razer. Jordan told the two of the ship's size in relation to their argument and told them he wanted a shaking of hands, reminding them of it being an earth custom to express good sportsmanship.

The two preferred to literally shake their hands, to which Jordan reminded them of their failure to understand his definition.

Mission to Betrassus[]

Kilowog has a brief discussion with Hal.

Shortly after Aya became use to using her body, Kilowog had a discussion with Hal about her. He believed he needed to "Stuff the genie back in the bottle", referring to Aya. He believed that letting the Interceptor's navigate computer walk around like a real person was a bad idea. He thought with giving her this freedom, she would start to believe she was a real person. Unfortunately the conversation was cut short, as Aya indicated to Kilowog that she was able to hear everything on the Interceptor.

Kilowog and Hal went to Betrassus in search of a new Green Lantern. While heading there, Kilowog and the rest of his team talked about the numbers of their team and why they needed a new Green Lantern. Razer told him and Hal that the team's number would go up to three if a new Green Lantern was added to their ranks. Kilowog watched as Aya included herself and told the three that their number of soldiers would go up to five if she was counted as well. As Kilowog was discussing this with his teammates, the group landed.

Kilowog and Hal went out while Razer and Aya stayed in the ship. Kilowog and Hal met Iolande. The two also met the planet's resident Green Lantern, Dulok and his protege, Ragnar. Kilowog listened to Dulok and met his protege Ragnar, who seemed to be an innocent civilian. Kilowog went with Hal Jordan the next day to watch Dulok compete against the solder looking for the arms of Iolande. Dulok did not turn up and Hal decided to go in his place. Kilowog watched Hal compete and barely win due to his lack of knowledge with the planet's customs.

In an effort to catch Ragnar, Kilowog fakes his death.

After Dulok was murdered by Ragnar, who wanted to be a Green Lantern very badly, Kilowog pretended to have been dead after digesting a drink handed to him by Ragnar himself. Shortly after his faked death, Hal Jordan angrily screamed and attacked Ragnar, who was overjoyed when he was given the ring as his successor. Through this, everyone present discovered that Ragnar had murdered Dulok over jealousy of his ring and did the same to Kilowog to become a Green Lantern.

Just as Ragnar was about to shoot an enraged Jordan, Kilowog revealed he was still alive and also gave the revelation that the ring Ragnar was given was merely a construct made by Kilowog during his time of supposed death. Ragnar became enraged and revealed he had paid off several of Iolande's guards, allowing him to escape as Kilowog and the others were held off by them. He stood by Hal Jordan as Iolande commanded her soldiers to take Ragnar away shortly after joining the Green Lantern Corps. Kilowog returned to the ship with Aya and Razer.[7]

Lost Planet[]

Kilowog went to a planet, alongside the rest of the Interceptor crew, in search of a Green Lantern ring. It should be noted, he was disappointed in Iolande for not wanting to join the crew and stay on her planet. He and the others landed on the planet and met with some of the planet's castaways. He and Zartok went together to search for the ring. Kilowog recognized the moon staff but mistook Zartok for a Thalian. Zartok played along in order to steal the Interceptor.

Kilowog dodges Zartok's attack.

Kilowog went along with Zartok to search for the new Green Lantern. Kilowog explained to him that the two were looking for a ring and that he himself hoped that Zartok was the bearer of the ring. As the two continued to talk, Kilowog concluded he was on the opposing side of the war, Zartok attacked him as soon as he realized. He threw his spear at him, but Kilowog's speed prevented it from hitting him. Kilowog used his reflexes to dodge many of Zartok's attacks, including a rather vicious strike with his spear. Kilowog decided to create a construct of a hammer, in an attempt to batter Zartok into submission.

However, the majority of his hammer's blows were either blocked or dodged by Zartok. Zartok hit him with his spear several times, causing him to back out briefly. He was forced to fly as Zartok jumped and smashed his spear into the pavement. As the battle carried on, Kilowog was hit multiple times in the chest. He was forced to the ground after sustaining the damage and was about to be killed before he was saved by Mogo, the plant itself.

Kilowog chases the Interceptor.

With Zartok aboard the Interceptor with Drusa, Kilowog became enraged and started to chase after the ship by himself for a brief amount of time. After regrouping with Razer and Hal Jordan, Kilowog chased after the Interceptor with the two. He explained to Hal that the castaways had stolen the ship, contrary to his original belief that Aya was leaving the group behind. The chase came to an end when the three smashed into a rock structure after attaching their rings to the ship and Drusa made a swift turn. As Kilowog and the two recovered, an even large amount of stones suddenly shifted around the Interceptor, indicating help from the planet.

Luckily, the ship was finally stopped when the planet forced two trees to collide into it. After Hal told the group to leave him behind, he tried to warn Hal that the team needed to get off the planet and that there was no time left to be searching for the planet's Green Lantern. Kilowog oped to stay and told Hal he was disobeying his orders. Mogo revealed himself to Kilowog and the others and told him that he would keep the thieves prisoner on his surface, to which Kilowog released his construct grip on the two and allowed Mogo to form rocks around them.


Kilowog and Hal watched the Red Lantern's base. In anticipation for something to happen, Kilowog told Aya to zoom in on the base. All Kilowog and the others saw, however, was trash being shot out. Razer told Kilowog and the others that he was going to stop Atrocitus himself. Kilowog and Hal objected to this, before an explosion went off in the ship. The explosion was set off by Razer, who left the ship as it went off. Kilowog repaired parts of the ship with Hal and Aya, rather angrily. Kilowog criticized Hal for his plan to get into the Red Lantern's base, going through the trash shoot. Kilowog sneaked past a few Red Lanterns, along with Hal.

Kilowog is restrained by Atrocitus.

Kilowog was captured by Red Lanterns, while he laid on the ground after being hit by the Red Lanterns, Hal Jordan disguised himself as an armored Red Lantern and knocked Kilowog out after trying to give him a hint of his real identity. Kilowog was taken up to the Red Lantern's room for prisoners, along with Razer. After Hal stopped Razer from being executed, Kilowog fought Atrocitus with Hal. When Kilowog tried to escape with the others, Atrocitus captured Aya and used her as bait for Kilowog, Hal and Razer to come back. After Razer spared Atrocitus' life, Kilowog scolded Razer.[8]

Romantic interest[]

While searching for food after facing Atrocitus, Kilowog stumbled across a woman named Galia. She was being attacked by a floating jellyfish-like alien, attempting to get the piece of fruit in her arms out of her hands. Kilowog stepped in and although he put up a good fight, he was defeated nonetheless. Just as he was about to be attacked by the alien, Galia came to his aid and fended off the aliens as Kilowog slipped into a state of unconsciousness. In a dream of his during this state, he was reunited with his deceased children and wife. He found happiness in this illusion of his mind, but bore a heavy burden when he witness his planet be destroyed before his very eyes.

Kilowog is offered soup by Galia.

He woke up to Galia, who offered him soup. He drank it and complimented her food, also briefly reminiscing about his better days back on his home world. Galia took this as a sign that his family was then-presently alive and asked him about his wife's cooking. Kilowog eased Galia when he told her he used to have a family before "They were lost long ago". She tried to cheer him up, offering him to meet her family if he was feeling any better.

Kilowog did just that, meeting the tribe shortly after her suggestion. One of the natives claimed Galia had told them that Kilowog was "One of the brave". Kilowog laughed slightly and told them she may have been exaggerating before being begged by the visitors to stop their then-ongoing war with the same jellyfish-like aliens he had previously encountered. He taught the tribe several different fighting styles and talked to Galia for a short amount of time, flirting and becoming attracted to each other as the tribe failed on what Kilowog thought were basic skills.

Kilowog's true love is revealed to him in a dream as Galia.

Later that night, Kilowog was faced with a dream in which his true love was revealed to him as Galia before she was snatched away by the aliens. After the training he put the tribe through, Kilowog prepared to lead them into battle against the aliens. He was given a head crest by Galia, who stated that she had been saving it for him. He thanked her and told her he would wear it proudly.

The planet was filled with yellow crystals, the same ones that had previously made Kilowog's ring useless when he and Hal Jordan went to save Razer from the Spider Guild. While under the influence of some of the planet's crystals, Kilowog angrily attacked Hal. He almost defeated him before Hal was able to get the head crest off of his head and bring him back to his senses. After being freed from the crystal's control, Kilowog and Hal told the inhabitants of the planet that the crystals were the main cause of their fighting.

Trap on Zamaron[]

Sad over the loss of Galia, Kilowog sat in the Interceptor and mopped around. Kilowog wanted to just be left alone, but Hal Jordan tried to help him. As Kilowog sat, the ship was attacked by a space creature. In an attempt to relieve his sadness, a optimistic Hal offered Kilowog command to fight the creature before being provoked to go outside after it started to cause rumblings in the ship. Kilowog, Hal and Razer fought the creature before they realized that they were no match for it. The three were saved by Star Sapphires Aga'po and Ghia'ta. Upon seeing them, Kilowog questioned how many lantern colors were there.

Kilowog's memories are looked through by Aga'po.

Kilowog went with the Star Sapphires to their planet, while in the Interceptor, Aga'po tried to talk to Kilowog. Aga'po saw his sadness and believed that he was suffering from a broken heart. Since love was the emotion the Star Sapphires primarily operated from, Aga'po took it upon herself to see Kilowog through. Unknown to Kilowog, Aga'po went into Kilowog's mind and searched through his memories. She saw Galia and sent a Star Sapphire ring to her.

Upon arriving and splitting up from his group, Kilowog encountered Galia, who was now a Star Sapphire. Kilowog was put into a trans of sorts and was given a dream that would ensure he stayed on the planet, had it not been for Hal. While escaping from the Star Sapphires, Kilowog and the others were forced to briefly confront them. He could not bring himself to hurt Galia and stopped from shielding himself. Kilowog was an open target due to his feelings for Galia. Kilowog was saved by Hal Jordan, who used his ring to shield himself and Kilowog shortly after grabbing his former drill sergeant. He and the others escaped the planet.

Return of Betrassus[]

Shortly after their encounter with the Star Sapphires, Kilowog and Hal Jordan messaged the Guardians of Oa about the Red Lanterns and a possible solution to stop the Red Lanterns. The two's idea were ignored by the Guardians. Just after Kilowog and Hal finished their conversation, Iolande sent the Interceptor crew a message to help her, as she was pinned down by her brother.

Kilowog and the others came back to the planet and found Ragnar sitting on the throne. Upon seeing the former as a Red Lantern, Kilowog spouted out that Ragnar had become a "Red". Ragnar asked the group rather sarcastically if they liked his Red Lantern costume and told them he had the group to thank for his induction into the corps. Just as Ragnar talked, Veon appeared behind the four and caused them to stare back at him. As Bleez and Skallox appeared, Ragnar continued his speech to the group. He selfishly told them he used to think being a Green Lantern would give him everything he ever wanted and asked the group in a sadistic tone if he just wasn't good enough.

Using a construct from his ring, Kilowog slams Skallox in the air.

After Ragnar concluded his speech and the group divided it's forces to combat the Red Lanterns, Kilowog fought Skallox. During his brief battle with him, Kilowog slammed Skallox across the room with a swift blow from a construct of an axe. However, he became sidetracked when he helped Aya maintain her stance after she was thrusted to the floor when she was shot by Bleez during their battle. As Jordan was shot with a fierce blast by Ragnar, Kilowog and Aya regrouped with him behind a structure in the room. He told Jordan that if the group didn't leave at the moment, they would face death.

His next action was to block blasts from the rings of Bleez and Skallox as Jordan supposedly stole a line of his before creating a rip in the roof, allowing Kilowog and the others to escape. As the group departed, they were joined by Razer in escaping. With the plan of escaping to their ship gone due to the presence of several Red Lanterns, the group took refuge as the same group of Red Lanterns they had confronted gave chase. They came across several of the planet's armed forces, led by a certain lieutenant with a severe past with Hal Jordan. Their meeting was cut short as Bleez flew past them, forcing both of the groups to hide.

The soldier brought the group to a hideout and confessed the true problem the groups faced: a Liberator the Red Lanterns had intended to detonate on the planet. As Jordan admitted he had previous experience with the Liberator, the lieutenant asked how they had defeated it before Kilowog admitted their attempt to destroy it was less than successful. After being screamed at by the lieutenant, Kilowog and Hal Jordan told of their current situation to the Guardians of the Universe.

Hal Jordan opted to reveal the truth to the Red Lanterns, unprepared of what would come next as Kilowog backed up his argument that Atrocitus had fabricated the story of his sector's destruction. With the revelation that Atrocitus had told the truth, Kilowog asked the Guardians in a chilling tone if the robots previously thought fabricated were real and had in fact, killed many members of the Forgotten Zone. After being told the event of the Manhunter Massacre, Kilowog asked Razer if he and Aya could take back the Interceptor. During the battle, Kilowog fought with fellow Green Lanterns Iolande, after liberating her shortly before and Jordan.

During the latter part of the battle, Kilowog came into conflict once again with Skallox. The two slammed their heads into each other, creating a rather large bang sound. After this, they could be seen exchanging hits while plummeting from the sky of the planet and eventually landing into the dirt. He would have been killed were it not for the Blue Lantern that Ganthet had left in the Interceptor and activated. With his powers boasted, Kilowog easily defeated Skallox. He, Iolande and Hal stopped the planet from being destroyed by sending the bomb to space.

Lighthouse activation codes[]

Kilowog went with the rest of the Interceptor crew to get activation codes. Kilowog was told that a Thanagarian named Byth Rok might know the codes. He and the others went back to the Spider Guild, the prison they originally tried to leave Razer in. He and Hal met back up with Goggan, who was scared of his Thanagarian prisoners.

Kilowog and Hal went into the Thanagarian cell and saw several of them fighting each other and being very violent. Kilowog chose to talk to Byth Rok, who was tied up to a boulder, possibly due to losing a fight. Kilowog was told by Byth Rok that he would tell him the codes if he could defeat Bumpy. Kilowog decided to fight him first and would soon regret it, as he was thrown around and taken down rather easily by the Thanagarian.

After Hal Jordan defeated Bumpy, Kilowog woke up and asked if he himself had defeated him. Byth Rok talked to his Thanagarian soldiers and gave them a speech before departing from the group with his fellow Thanagarians. Kilowog tried to give chase, but was given halt by Hal Jordan. He angrily exclaimed to Hal "You let him get away". But it had turned out, Jordan had let Byth get away so he could distract the Red Lanterns and buy them more time.

Stopping the Red Lanterns[]

After Byth Rok's betrayal, Kilowog and the others discussed their next course of action regarding the climax of the Red Lantern Invasion. Kilowog added to Hal's earlier statement of securing the Lighthouse by stating if the group could close it off, neither the Red Lanterns or Green Lanterns could attack each other and by his definition, get killed. After his explanation to Razer, he was given a snarky and extremely sarcastic comment.

When alerted by Aya that the group had landed at the proper location for the lighthouse and after seeing several space rocks in their way, Kilowog hoped that the coordinates they had previously been given by Byth Rock worked. He feared that if they didn't, the group would be in store for a "Bumpy ride." After Razer doubted the true motives of Byth Rok, he told Razer that Byth couldn't have lied and reminded him that the code had been taken directly from his memories.

After Kilowog and the others went into the portal activated by Byth's codes and Aya's input, Kilowog started to feel nauseous. He was soon asked by Razer of his claustrophobia, whom he lied to and tried to make it seem as though he just didn't like small spaces. He asked Hal Jordan if the group blew up the Lighthouse wouldn't the tunnel be destroyed as well before being reassured by Razer that he could just detonate it with a bomb. In response, Kilowog let out a comment regarding his skills in creating bombs.

The ship quickly became pinned down. Kilowog went with Razer and Hal to fight off Red Lanterns shooting at the ship. Kilowog watched Aya fly through an extremely dense portal. As the Interceptor carried on, the ship was chased down by Atroctius and Zilius Zox aboard their ship. Through an amount of both speed and flying, the group succeeded in getting away from them. Kilowog went with Razer and Hal to confront Atrocitus on his ship. The three stormed into the ship, but, no one was inside. He watched as Aya, now under the control of Drusa and Atrocitus, fly off and leave him, Hal and Razer stranded in space.

With he, Razer and Hal Jordan stranded in space, Kilowog told Jordan he would fight the Red Lantern fleet. Kilowog was questioned by Hal, mostly because Hal believed Kilowog couldn't do it by himself. Regardless, he convinced Hal to not worry about him. He separated from Hal and Razer, both went to the Star Sapphires. Kilowog fought the Red Lanterns by himself, before being aided by Mogo, a planet Green Lantern and Saint Walker, the first ever Blue Lantern. Kilowog commended him on helping him out and welcomed his assistance as the three fought of the Red Lantern warships.

Red Lanterns Skallox, Veon and Bleez came out of a ship to fight him. Kilowog fully charged up and hit them. With a single shot, the Red Lanterns were hit away. With their help, Kilowog held off the warships, until they were stuck in a stasis by a blast Mogo charged up from Saint Walker. His last action was to hold Saint Walker in the air as he fell due to the tremendous amount of energy he had released during the blast.

Post Red Lantern Invasion[]

After Red Lantern Invasion, Kilowog remained on Oa and retook up his position as a drill sergeant for the Corps.[2]


While training the new Green Lanterns one day, Kilowog was visited by Hal, who commented about seeing him in his "Natural habit". Kilowog briefly explained his joy in training the Green Lanterns before screaming at one of them about very poor use of their ring. Kilowog was asked by Hal if he would join him for a second time in space. Kilowog reminded Hal that he dragged him into space and asked him why he now expected him to go with him all of a sudden.

After Hal offered him a new solution to their problem, Kilowog ordered Ch'p to fight Hal. Kilowog watched as Hal was beaten effortlessly by the new Green Lantern and laughed at him before he told him to give him time to get his stuff. When asked by Hal why he was coming with him since he lost the bet, Kilowog admitted that he was going to go with him anyway and was only interested in seeing him fight the squirrel. Kilowog went with Hal to the Interceptor. Kilowog and Hal expected to be greeted by Aya. The two were instead greeted by a new AI named L.A.N.O.S.. Kilowog watched as Hal asked him where Aya had been taken before being told of her location.

Upon discovering that Aya was subject for dissection, Kilowog went with Hal to rescue her. Kilowog distracted Larvox by ordering him to go through his records while Hal went into Aya's department of captivity. After saving her, Kilowog went with Hal and Tomar-Re to the source of the reactivation of the Manhunters. When Hal was being blasted by Anti-Monitor, Kilowog refused to leave him. After Hal was seemingly vaporized by Anti-Monitor's attack, Kilowog screamed Hal's name out in sadness and despair as Tomar-Re held him back.[2]

Retrieving Hal Jordan[]

With Hal seemingly dead from Anti-Monitor's blast, Kilowog and Tomar-Re headed back to the Interceptor. Kilowog believed that there was a chance Hal had not been killed, though Tomar-Re believed otherwise. They were interrupted by Hal who talked through a communicator on board the Interceptor. Kilowog was joyfull that he was still alive, and listened as Hal told that he was blasted to another universe and that he could go back through the rift. Kilowog helped Hal from the other side to breach the rift, but he was shocked to see that Hal didn't come through it.

After Hal pulled the rift over the planet to his universe, Kilowog reached Hal through a communicator and heard that he was alright along with billions of others.[9]

Venture to Odym[]

Sometime after their last escapade, the Interceptor crew was ambushed by a wave of Manhunters nearby Zeta Prime. Kilowog proved adequate in the battle. The group salvaged a Manhunter drone and took off with it for examining. During the interrogation, Kilowog insulted the Manhunter drone as it told Hal it's logic for killing being with emotion being it's single distain for rage and destruction.[10]

Incident with Neuroxis[]

Deeper into the Anti-Monitor crisis, Kilowog had become more initiative around the Interceptor. Displaying more of his by-the-book personality and work ethics to a higher degree; hammering Hal with multiple code of conduct relating to the Corps.

After a distress was signaled relay by Thaal Sinestro, the crew was dispatched to a Spider Guild frigate, a vessel on which he had raided to liberate a prisoner, to rescue him. As they invaded the frigate, they successfully rescued Sinestro from the Spider Guild, despite the frigate self destructed, activated by the Spider Guild captain. Shortly after disembarking from the damaged Spider Guild ship and noticing that the captain had oddly sacrificed his own vessel and life to stop one prisoner from escaping, the party was met by Sinestro, who after placing Neuroxis inside the siencell, openly criticized Kilowog and Hal for the condition they had done to the Interceptor. When Sinestro went to rest, the crew continued to search information about the criminal, but they were quickly ambushed Sinestro. Though he was quickly defeated by Razer and was held inside the sciencell with his ring stripped off. Kilowog believed to be a disease that caused his outburst.

Later Kilowog was fixing the ship after Sinestro's attack, he looked for Hal after he was contacted by him. Though he believed it as an Earth joke, but was surprised to see that he tried to kill him. Kilowog defended himself, but they two were broken up by Razer. The three realized it was Neurox's doings and tried to confirm who was controlled by him, by using their rings to create constructs, as they were the ones chosen. However the plan failed as Neuroxis could mind jump at will. Sinestro had a solution to the problem, he depressurized the ship from oxygen to let Neuroxis return to his body inside the sciencell, the only place with oxygen. They watched as Razer suffocated confirming that Neuroxis was controlling him. They witnessed Neuroxis leaving his body, before Razer almost died from lack of oxygen. However they were surprised to see that Neuroxis died inside the cell, claimed by Sinestro to be an accident. He believed that Neuroxis was better of dead than roam around on Oa, which Kilowog agreed on and the crew left with the ship to Oa.[11]

Ysmault Manhunter[]

Following the Guardians of the Universe and the Red Lantern Corps's agreement to rebuild Ysmault the reconstruction movement was officially announced to the people on Ysmault—by prime magistrate Zox. The crew returned to Frontier Space, after a pit-stop on Razer's homeworld arrived on Ysmault, where the science director warned them about a Manhunter on the planet. The crew quickly dispatched the robot, but not before it was witnessed by the prime magistrate perceiving it as betrayal from the Guardians, before he could alarm the guards Kilowog knocked him and held him in the sciencell. The crew and the science director were out of witt what to do with the situation, but Aya sensed an anti-matter pulse signal coming from the Maelstrom. Arriving near the barrier, the crew was in awe of the arrival of the Anti-Monitor. As they tried to escape the scene, they were ambushed by the Manhunters. Whilst the ultra warp was in preparation, the Green Lanterns and Razer went off to fight the automatons. After a short battle, they returned to the ship, leaving unknowingly Razer behind, where they discovered that Aya was gone who went to save Razer. They quickly found Razer and saved him before he was hit by the Anti-Monitor's antimatter ray.[12]

After retrieving Razer, he discovered from him that Aya died. When Razer became mad at how he was to blame, Kilowog calmed him down. Kilowog then cheered Hal up when he wasn't prepared that one of their own would die. They flew off towards Ysmault, but they were in pursuit by the Manhunters. As the science director had a plan, he watched as the science director disabled the Manhunters, however the Anti-Monitor approached them and disentegrated the Guardian. As they stood their own against the Anti-Monitor, they were rescued by Shard, but even with the massive weapon wasn't enough against the dragoon. While the Anti-Monitor was occupied on Shard, the crew took the changce towards Ysmault to prepare the attack against the Manhunters and the Anti-Monitor.

As they were on their way, they were surprised and joyful to see that Aya returned to the Interceptor, who saved herself by uploading herself to a disabled Manhunter. Kilowog and Hal left Aya and Razer alone after she requested assistance from the latter. They arrived near Ysmault and prepared against the war. The Manhunters were incoming and they started their attacks, during the fight Aya drained the ship's main battery, shutting the ship down. Kilowog was surprised to see that Aya destroyed the Anti-Monitor, shutting the Manhunters off. But as it seemed as a victory for them, Aya declared herself the queens of the Manhunters. They tried to console Aya to calm down, but she refused and blasted them away to the far reaches of space.[13]

Temporary power loss[]

After witnessing the shock of the attack of Aya, the crew inside the Interceptor soared through space with its main battery dried off and their power rings soon depleted. The ship was pulled by the gravitational pull of a nearby planet and crashlanded with the fuel of the Red Power Battery of Razer. They discover the planet is full of methane and decided to hid insde glass-domed sealed city until the main battery recharged. They arrive near the city, where they were attacked by the alien inhabitants and hid themselves. Kilowog's ring ran out of energy, changing back to his civilian outfit along with Hal and started to suffocate from lack of oxygen. However they were rescued by Razer who created an air bubble around them.

As they couldn't understand each other, they used Razer with the only one with a working ring as a translator. Kilowog noticed three tanks and devised a plan to get into the citadel by getting on the last tank. They arrived inside the city unnoticed and took cover from the aliens, but soon after Razer's ring depleted losing the only one who could translate. They were eventually discovered by the aliens and escaped. but they were noticed by a shady alien, who offered a getaway vehicle, but in exchange for payment. However as the alien wanted the girl on Hal's phone; Carol Ferris, which Hal rejected to it, prompting Kilowog to push the alien out of the way. When they were discovered, they stole the vehicle and tried to escape from the city. However they were intercepted and captured.

They were brought to an arena where they had to fought against a large monster, while the rings weren't functioning, they stood powerless against it. However Hal found a Manhunter's head on the belt of the monster, and with the combined teamwork of them took the head and recharged their rings. With their recharged rings they easily knocked out the monster. After the fight, they returned the ship where its main battery was recharged and decided to fly off.[14]

Attack on Zamaron[]

Aya and her Manhunters attacked Zamaron, where she forced Carol Ferris to fight against former Red Lantern leader Atroctius. At the time, Kilowog was preoccupied with Razer and Hal Jordan on a remote flight aboard the Interceptor before a portal with pink edges appeared aboard the ship. It detailed a weakened Carol Ferris and against Kilowog's own advisement, Hal Jordan eagerly went though it. He and Razer tried to follow him, but were unable to as the portal closed before them. The two eventually made their way to Zamaron and watched as Aya fled from the scene with her Manhunters.[15]

The lone Orange Lantern[]

After the group failed to restore Aya to her former self, Kilowog continued to support Hal Jordan and Razer in their efforts to stop her. Following a brief but rather berating conversation between Hal Jordan and Appa Ali Apsa, Kilowog commented on the latter's ability to irritate others despite having an abundant lack of emotions. As Hal continued to express his wishes to restore Aya to the side of good, Kilowog reminded him that she had become vastly powerful and could easily terminate any of the three before they achieved success in saving her. Into their argument, Razer was surprised to see Kilowog and Hal had never heard the legend of the Orange Lanterns and explained the Orange Lanterns became immensely powerful and were able to hold their own against the likes of Atrocitus.

Kilowog assumed that the Orange Lantern would have to be a very powerful lantern if one would be able to duel against the former in such a matter, to which Razer explained that soon after their fight with Atrocitus, the entirety of the group disappeared. After Kilowog asked why no one had tried to recover the Orange Lantern before, Razer told him that while many had tried to do so, they had not returned. After Hal made the decision for the group to put their mission to save Aya on halt and instead to pursue the Orange Lantern, Razer went to his corders depressed. After he left, Kilowog asked Hal what would happen if the group proved unsuccessfully in saving Aya and were forced to kill her. The Interceptor arrived on...

Physical appearance[]

Kilowog is a Bolovaxian male. He has an intimidating appearance with a large muscular body, a pink skin color, red eyes, a large chin, with two gnaw-like teeth and two small ears. He wears a Green Lantern outfit, which consists of a skin tight black suit with green armor, green superhero briefs, and the Green Lantern symbol on his chest.[4]

Personality and traits[]

Gruff and tough, Kilowog is Hal's old drill sergeant. The loss of his homeworld has made Kilowog naturally cautious. He never acts without a plan. Kilowog has a bit of an attitude, possibly due to his work as a drill sergeant. He does have a bit of a soft spot, such as his friendship with Hal or the time he gave Aya a hug after she told him that they would be able to return home.

However, this may have been due to Kilowog's excitement and overall happiness at the moment, especially since it was out of character. While he rarely brings up his past, he does get exceptionally angered when anything relating to him is talked about in a bad way, such as when Razer showed detest for several eggs during their break and insulted them, only for Kilowog to angrily tell him he was born from an egg and take offense.

He has a longing for a companion, ever since his homeworld was destroyed. He found one while on a planet with Hal, but, she was soon turned into a Star Sapphire, continuing his overall depression and spiraling him into a lackadaisical mood. It has become abundantly clear that he believes he might always be alone, if not for other Green Lanterns to act as family to him, such as Hal Jordan.

He seems to have a true passion for teaching new Green Lanterns, something Hal Jordan quickly picked up on. Though he tends to yell at his students and talk down to them, Kilowog genuinely cares for them.

Skills and abilities[]



Hal Jordan[]

Kilowog was Hal's drill sergeant when the latter was starting out as a Green Lantern. He taught him the basics and showed him different fighting skills, encouraging him to keep on training to be stronger and faster. Kilowog regards Hal as a person he bails out, but still deeply cares for him. Kilowog knows Hal, almost better than anyone else. Kilowog regards Hal as a hothead and always makes note of Hal being disobedient to orders. He is also confused when Hal has become angered when others disregard his rules.

Kilowog always has Hal's back, placing himself in many of Hal's battles. Kilowog is more prone to protect Hal than any other member of the Interceptor crew. This trait was one of the many reasons Kilowog chose to accompany Hal during his hijacking of the Interceptor and eventually fight against the Red Lanterns. Though skeptical of Hal's reasoning for his action, Kilowog concluded that his intervention was needed. He did not want to see his longtime friend go alone.

When Kilowog was under the influence of yellow crystals, he failed to notice Hal's choice to not fight him. It took destruction of the crystals for Kilowog to realize what Hal was really trying to say to him. With their friendship repaired, the two stopped fighting and managed to stop a feud on the planet.

After the Red Lantern invasion, Kilowog was asked by Hal to rejoin the Interceptor crew and aid him in an effort to defeat the Manhunters. Kilowog agreed to go with him after he was defeated by Ch'p, whom the two had made a bet about before the fight. Their friendship was highlighted when shortly into their new adventure, Hal Jordan was seemingly killed after being vaporized by the Anti-Monitor. After he was destroyed, Kilowog yelled out his name in sadness as he was held back by Tomar-Re.

Later that day, he was overjoyed to find out Hal had only been sent to an alternate universe and was not killed. He immediately came to aid him in transporting himself back into their universe. Kilowog and his allies were left with dazed and confused when Hal decided to stay in the universe to save it.


Kilowog hugs Aya after hearing he can go home.

At first, Kilowog did not like her attempts to become a Green Lantern. He believed she was merely a robot and shouldn't be regarded as anything more. He further more was turned off by her robot body she created after he made a remark about the difficulties she would face as a Green Lantern. Eventually through her hard work and admiration, he started to care for her and regard her as a worthy ally. Even once hugging her, after she told him that the group would be able to go home in the tail end of the Red Lantern Invasion.

Upon returning to the Interceptor after the Red Lantern Invasion, he and Hal were flabbergasted to see L.A.N.O.S. in Aya's place and were determined to see to it that she was rescued. Kilowog and Hal acted as distractions while Ch'p obtained Aya's A.I. and brought it to them after it's retrieval. Kilowog was saddened over Aya's seeming death at the hands of the Anti-Monitor, regarding her as just being a kid. He was overjoyed upon her emergence on the Interceptor and seeming victory in neutralizing the Anti-Monitior and was horrified to see her fuse with the latter's body and take it's place as a destroyer. He arrived on Zamaron, of which she had been trying to invade with her Manhunters, to save her. This proved unsuccessful and she got away.


"You got a problem, poozer?
Only that I dislike seven foot pigs.
―Kilowog and Razer in "Into the Abyss".

Of all the Interceptor crew, Kilowog started off the roughest with Razer. With the former's background being full of misdeeds, Kilowog did not trust Razer as an ally and believed his acceptance into the group to be a complete waste of time. They clashed during their attempt to save a ship from being destroyed. Kilowog's suspicions in Razer turned out to be half-correct, as Razer on occasions went off on his own without approval from others.

Kilowog's growing trust in Razer deteriorated when the latter left the group to murder Atrocitus and failed in his quest of vengeance. To keep him at bay, Razer installed a bomb in the Interceptor for Kilowog and the others to try and save the ship from being completely damaged. When the group met up with Razer on Odym, Kilowog was surprised to see Razer's change in demeanor and even addressed it. During Sinestro's brief visit aboard the Interceptor, Kilowog and Razer attacked each other while they were both at some point under the control of Neuroxis. The two were forced to put their differences aside and work together when Hal came under the control of the Orange Lantern, of which he had previously taken from Larfleeze. They were successful and shortly afterwards, Kilowog went with Razer and Hal to search for remnants regarding Aya on Oa. After she was seemingly killed by Hal, Kilowog restrained Razer after the latter punched Hal in the face for being what he believed was the cause of his love's death.

Love interests[]


"Will you come back to check on our progress?
No, but I'll come to see you.
―Kilowog and Galia in in "Fear Itself".

Kilowog and Galia.

Kilowog's and Galia's relationship bloomed over a short period of time. Kilowog first met Galia when he traveled across her planet's land, searching far and wide. He stumbled across her when she was being harassed by one of the planet's native aliens. He placed himself in danger to save her and in return, she took care of him after he passed out from the injuries he had sustained during the brief fight. After waking up, he told her of his past experiences with his wife and children and how much he missed them, gaining him sympathy from Galia.

Kilowog started to train her tribe after she told them of his strengths and flattered him. While Kilowog trained her people, he commented on their rather slow speed in learning his techniques. After this, Galia told him that he was a great teacher and reassured him.

After Kilowog left the planet and continued to journey alongside the Interceptor crew, fellow boarders noticed his sad and pale expression when being addressed by others. This recent sadness attracted the attention of Aga'po, the leader of the Star Sapphires. She delved into Kilowog's mind and saw his memories of her. Doing what she thought was good, she sent Galia a Star Sapphire Power Ring. Upon his arrival to the planet, Kilowog was surprised to see Galia there and was further surprised to see her as a member. Kilowog had his heart ripped out one last time when she encased him in crystal and remained on the planet after he and the Interceptor crew escaped.


Behind the scenes[]

When Green Lantern: The Animated Series was still being announced, Kilowog was stated to be Hal's partner throughout the show, similar to a buddy cop premise. He later appeared in the first episode "Beware My Power", where he was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

In other media[]

Kilowog in DC Comics.

Kilowog was created for DC Comics by Steve Englehart and Joe Staton in 1986 and first appeared in Green Lantern Corps #201. Kilowog was a geneticist who hailed from the planet Bolovax Vik, which was one of the most crowded worlds in the universe. Kilowog was inducted into the Green Lantern Corps and in his early days as a Green Lantern, Kilowog trained under Lantern Ermey, who he picked up the word "poozer", which means "useless rookie". Kilowog's homeplanet was destroyed in the Crisis on Infinite Earth's storyline, and later created another homeworld for his people, but was soon destroyed by Sinestro.

After that he settled on Earth and was a member of the Justice League International. During the Emerald Twilight arc, Hal Jordan's home Coast City had been completely destroyed by Cyborg Superman and Mongul during Reign of the Supermen! in a gigantic explosion, Hal returned to Earth horrified. Jordan had gone insane and tried to absorbe the power of the Great Battery. Numerous Green Lanterns were sent to stop the supposedly insane Hal Jordan. The very last Green Lantern to oppose Jordan was Kilowog himself, on Oa. Jordan killed Kilowog in combat leaving nothing but a seared skull and ashes. In Green Lantern (Vol. 3) #169, he was restored to life by Kyle Rayner and Ganthet, and participated in the efforts to restore Oa and the Green Lantern Corps.

In television, Kilowog has appeared in Justice League, voiced by Dennis Haysbert, in Duck Dodgers, by John DiMaggio, and has made other animated appearances in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Green Lantern: First Flight, and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, respectively.


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