Lady Catherine
Lady Catherine
First appearance "Steam Lantern"
Voice Grey DeLisle
General Information
Full name
Species Human
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Brunette
Eye Color Green
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies Green Lantern, Gil Broome, Duke Nigel
Enemies Anti-Monitor
Powers and abilities

Lady Catherine is a leader of the resistance against Duke Nigel's tyranny on her homeworld. Her associate is the Steam Lantern.[1]

History Edit

At some point in time, Catherine with the foundings of the new material dubbed as Hardtofindium created a nuclear suit for Gil to rebel against the Duke Nigel's tyranny. She was believed that Gil defeated the Anti-Monitor when he arrived on their planet, but in actuality was send to another dimension by Nigel.

While protesting against the Duke to gather rebellions againt him. She was then approached by the Mechanoids to make her stop, but fortunately she was rescued by Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Steam Lantern and went to the zeppelin. On there, she introduced herself to Hal, she explained to Hal that they are under the rule by the Duke. After hearing that Hal was from another dimension, she kewn a plan that could make contact with the other side but they had to go the Duke's laboratory to power it up.

In the laboratory, Catherine made it that Hal could talk in the other dimension, but soon after was captured by the Nigel and his Mechanoids. After Duke's fury on Gil, they were saved by Hal and went back to the Zeppelin. She had a plan that they could use their powers to open the rip in the sky to go through Hal's dimension. While doing so, they were attacked by the Duke who crashed the zeppelin. After that, she was captured again along with Hal and Gil and brought to the Duke's laboratory. There she discovered that Gil didn't destroy the "Space Dragoon" but that the Duke send it to another dimension, even though he hid it for himself, she still loved him. After the Duke realized what he had done, she was freed by him, but unfotunately the universe was in collapse. However she and the people were saved by Hal Jordan and the Duke who pulled the dimensional rip over the planet which made it pass to the other dimension.

After Hal returned to the Zeppelin, she drank tea along with Gil and the Duke while they were interruped, over the intercom, by Kilowog.[1]

References Edit