Razer attacks Saint Walker
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General Information


Release date

September 12, 2012

Story by

Art Baltazar and Franco

Art by

Dario Brizuela

Color by

Gabe Eltaeb

Lettering by

Saida Temofonte




Green Lantern: TAS #5 Monster Arena


Green Lantern: TAS #7 Goldface

"Memories" is the sixth issue of the official Green Lantern: The Animated Series spin-off comic book series. It was released on September 12, 2012.


  • The Red Lantern attack - and only Hal Jordan responds!
  • Where are Hal's fellow Green Lanterns? Have they been defeated in some distant battle?
  • You'll have to read this issue to learn the truth!

Tagline: Hal versus Atrocitus

Synopsis Edit

Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Aya and Razer arrived to a distress beacon to a village under attack by the Red Lanterns. Once they arrived, however, they were too late, as the buildings were destroyed and there were no survivors.

Hal arrives to the surface, he finds a small alien girl in the middle of the rubble. When Hal hugs her to comfort her, the Red Lantern Corps appears, with Zilius Zox and Atrocitus among them. Atrocitus shoots and kills an innocent pedestrian. In response, Hal angrily shoots him but is surpised to see it had no effect. The Red Lanterns then disappeared and Kilowog, Razer, and Aya were standing before him. Hal then realizes everything was an illusion.

They decided to take the girl to their ship and Razer grabbed her to take her along. In mid-air, Kilowog realized the girl was changing. The girl grows to an enormous size and breaks free of Razer's bubble. She then begins to attack the Lanterns. When the girl says that the Red Lanterns destroyed her people's home, Hal realizes she is targeting Razer and orders Razer to take off his ring.

After he took off his ring, the girl returns to her normal state. Aya explains that the girl was activated by a defence mechanism when he encountered Red Lantern energy. Razer says that the girl is a touchstone, and she would attack once again if they move her from that position, so she must remain there.

As the Lanterns fly away, the touchstone manages to mutter, "...Goodbye, Green Lantern."


Hal Jordan
Zilius Zox




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