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Odym is the planet where the Blue Lantern Corps resides.


After Ganthet was banished from Oa, he resettled on the planet Odym to start the Blue Lantern Corps. Razer later visited Odym to train under Saint Walker and Brother Warth and learn to control his rage. Ganthet worked on constructing a Blue Lantern Central Power Battery. On the day it became fully operational, the Interceptor arrived. Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Aya were reunited with Razer. Once Ganthet lit the flame of the battery, it 'supercharged' the fellow Green Lanterns, but it became apparent it also supercharged an incoming squad of Manhunters, who arrived in search of the device that amplified their power output. Thanks to Razer's quick thinking, the Manhunters were stopped from stealing the battery. He left with the Interceptor crew.