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First appearance "Beware My Power (Part 1)"
Voice Jason Spisak
General Information
Full name
Alias Red Lantern, Blue Lantern
Sector Forgotten Zone (formerly)
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye Color Blue
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Affiliations Red Lantern Corps formerly, Interceptor crew, Blue Lantern Corps
Allies Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Aya, Saint Walker
Enemies Red Lantern Corps, Spider Guild, Manhunters, Anti-Monitor
Powers and abilities
Equipment Red Lantern Power Ring, Red Lantern Power Battery, Blue Lantern Power Ring
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Razer was a member of the brutal Red Lantern Corps. After a change of heart, he joined the Interceptor crew in their fight against the Red Lanterns, and later the Manhunters.



Razer was born on Volkreg[1] within the Forgotten Zone along with his Siblings.His brother,Ourius and younger sister,Gaia,were sent on a mission and sent Razer to a place were no danger were involved before their deaths.[2] As an adult, Razer married a native woman named Ilana. In order to protect his wife he did whatever was necessary. The corrupt warlords on Volkreg eventually began to quarrel and their actions led to a war, causing Razer to enlist into the local militia to oppose them. This decision brought him at odds with his wife, who detested fighting.

However, his cause to fight had been in vain. Razer returned home one day to discover that Ilana had been murdered by Atrocitus, while he had been away. As he expressed his grief and overflowing rage, a Red Lantern Power Ring appeared before him, offering vengeance. Letting evil within him take over, Razer accepted the offer, becoming a Red Lantern. 

Rise of the Red Lanterns[]


At this point in time, Razer had been a Red Lantern for at the lowest a few months. Razer had became knowledgeable of both Zilius Zox and the Red Lantern leader Atrocitus. He interrupted Zilius Zox while he was torturing a Green Lantern named M'Ten. He questioned his actions and was told to take his opinions to Atrocitus by Zilius as he murdered the Green Lantern. Razer believed Zilius Zox to be eternally loyal to the Red Lanterns, but only because he wanted to suck up to Atrocitus. Razer accompanied Zilius Zox to murder Shyir Rev. However, the two were unable to succeed in their objective as two Green Lanterns by the names of Hal Jordan and Kilowog came to their comrade's aid. Razer was reluctant in giving up so easily and attacked Hal Jordan while Kilowog took Shyir Rev to the two Green Lanterns' ship, the Interceptor. Razer attacked Hal Jordan with multiple bright radiant red bursts of energy, unfortunately for Razer, all of the attacks were avoided by the Green Lantern.

Razer battles Hal Jordan.

Razer briefly gained an advantage when Hal Jordan's ring ran out of energy and he reverted back into his regular, unpowered state. Razer chased after the now running Hal Jordan before he was shot with a full charged blast from Hal Jordan's ring as he charged it on the top of the Interceptor. Like many others he had encountered, Razer had started to gain a hatred for Hal Jordan, as well as Kilowog. He thought to himself about his loss and the damage to his pride the battle had will never be fully known.

Razer went with Zilius Zox to the planet Shyir Rev lived on, this time accompanied by Atrocitus. Razer's only downfall in bring Atrocitus, was that he would no longer would be able to fight Hal Jordan. However, the Red Lantern gained the chance to face off against Kilowog while Shyir Rev tried to destroy the Red Lanterns' bomb they had brought on to the planet. Razer was quick to land attacks on Kilowog, before the latter asked him what he was fighting for. Razer became confused by his question and stopped the fight. He has the honor of being the last person to talk to Shyir Rev before his death. Razer was told by Shyir Rev that he wasn't "so bad" and was told to leave before he gave out of preventing the bomb from going off, as he had to use his ring to prevent it from exploding. With the planet destroyed and everyone on it thought dead, Razer was finally able to confront Hal Jordan again.

However, the Green Lantern gained the upper hand on Razer, encasing him in a construct. With his confrontation with Jordan not going according to plan, Razer told Jordan to kill him before being told by him that he would live with his crimes and was going to pay for his mistakes. Razer was knocked out and taken aboard the Interceptor and was kept in the ship's single containment cell.

Razer's Edge[]

Shortly after being defeated by Jordan and in captivity for his crimes, Razer continuously requested to be killed. Hal and Kilowog later took Razer to the Spider Guild prison, where he is forced to relive his worst memories namely, the death of his wife. When Hal and Kilowog learn that prisoners are being tortured, they return to stop it and rescue Razer if need be. However, when they were captured, Aya left the ship and came to Razer during a simulation of a memory of Ilana. Despite Aya breaking the news to Razer that the memories were only simulations, Razer insisted he didn't mind them. Aya explained that she had seen Razer's pain and alerted him of Hal Jordan and Kilowog's current predicament. Instead of going to help Hal and Kilowog, he returned to the Interceptor to retrieve his power ring and rescued Hal and Kilowog before taking off his ring. Upon leaving, Hal gave Razer his ring back and declares Razer was going with them, much to Razer's surprise.

Into the Abyss[]

Although Razer joined the team, Kilowog was still suspicious of him. Hal broke up a brewing fight between the two before they receive a distress call from a ship being sucked into a pinhole. The three fly out to attach the ship's cables to the Interceptor, but Razer has trouble flying in the intense gravity. Kilowog ignores this, but Hal lends him a hand. Once inside the ship, Hal leaves to move the captain to the Interceptor while Kilowog and Razer try to restart the engines. During this time, a crate nearly falls on Kilowog due to the pinhole, but he blames Razer and they begin fighting again. Hal arrives in time to break the fight up again, but the ship begins collapsing as it further enters the pinhole. Kilowog leaves to try and keep the ship out of the pinhole while Hal and Razer try to restart the engines. On the way, they encounter several bugs chewing power lines. Hal's green energy is ineffective, but Razer's red energy does damage. Upon arriving to the shut down engine, they discover it is frozen. When the bugs close in, Hal realizes that they are actually Aya and that she had been cutting off the ship's nonessential functions to preserve power. On their way to the control room, Razer spots Kilowog falling into the pinhole and saves him. However, even with the engine restored, they are too far in to pull away. So, Hal drives towards the pinhole and uses the momentum to slingshot out of the pinhole. Afterwards, Kilowog thanks Razer for saving him. Razer says to leave himself out of the fact that Aya is just a NAV computer. He also stares along with the others in amazement that Aya is now a robot.

Search for Dulok[]

Razer and Aya during their search for Dulok.

Razer watched as Hal and Kilowog talked about adding a new Green Lantern to their numbers. He reminded them that if they were successful, their number of Green Lanterns would increase to three. When Hal and Kilowog landed on Betrasses to recruit its Green Lantern, Razer remained on the ship with Aya. He later contacted Hal to inquire why they were taking so long, only to learn that Dulok, the Green Lantern, had gone missing. Eager to do something, Razer volunteered to look for him, but Hal refused, noting that his Red Lantern appearance would cause a panic, and ordered him to stay on the ship.

Hal ordered Aya to conduct a scan for Doluk's power ring but the signal is too far away to be sure. Razer left the ship with Aya to search for the ring. While aboard, Razer was asked by Aya how did she "look". Razer told her that she looked fine before being told the same by Aya. As they searched through the catacombs, the two of them spotted a patrol and Razer pushed Aya into a corner and they both hid from the guards. After the guards pass by, Aya tells Razer that she prefers not to be pushed into the dirt. Razer discovered Doluk's body in the catacombs. Razer reported this to Hal and Kilowog before returning to the ship. Little did they know, Ragnar was responsible for the death of Dulok after poisoning his drink during their first meeting with Jordan.

Lost Planet[]

Razer tells Hal he's going off on his own.

With his status as a reliable member of the team now placed, Razer was no longer the subject of most of the discussions aboard the Interceptor. However, Razer did bare witness as Kilowog complained about Iolande's previous insistence of staying on her planet instead of joining them in their fight against the Red Lanterns. Razer watched as Hal, Kilowog and Aya tried to save a planet, before discovering they couldn't. Razer went with the three to the planets surface and meet several castaways. Razer went on his own to search for a Green Lantern ring while his teammates split up with each of the castaways.

While on his own, he stumbled across a graveyard. He observed it and spoke about the different types of ships before being stumbled on and spoken to by an individual. Razer asked the individual if he was one of the planet's castaways before the alien criticized them, called them "Bad people" and insisted he was not. Razer quickly transitioned into anger and quickly struck the individual after he identified himself as "Saint Walker".

Razer's initial blast missed Saint Walker, but that didn't stop him from carrying out more attacks. He continuously fired at him and even broke out several phrases, allowing Saint Walker to calmly criticize them as well. Notably, Razer tried to strike an attack at Saint Walker, but all he managed to do was allow him to rebound the shot into the sky. Razer watched as Saint Walker perfectly balanced himself into a tree and listened to his speech. Razer shot a single blast at the tree and caused it to shake, forcing Saint Walker to land easily on the ground.

Their battle continued, though quickly moved location into trees as Razer continued to shoot at Saint Walker while the latter jumped from high trees. One of his shoots missed and shortly after, Razer lost sight of Saint Walker before discovering he was standing right behind him. Razer resorted to attacking him with his legs and arms and insisted rather pathetically for him to stand still so he could land a hit. Razer was instead taken down by a single blow by Saint Walker in a pressure point.

Razer fell to the ground and was told of an upcoming battle by Saint Walker before the latter revealed he possessed the Green Lantern ring. Razer quickly drew to conclusion that he was the chosen one before being corrected by Saint Walker and having the Green Lantern ring thrown on his chest as Saint Walker left him behind. Shortly after this, Hal Jordan arrived and congratulated him on his finding of the ring. Razer preceded to ask Hal if one of the castaways was the Green Lantern before Hal told him that the castaways were "Bad news", implying he felt they were rather villainous.

Razer flew off with Hal in search of the others. He and Hal noticed the Interceptor had been stolen and that Kilowog had been chasing after the ship. The two joined him and gave chase alongside Kilowog as they were told that the remaining two castaways had stolen the ship. Once he and his comrades retook the ship, Razer wasted no time attending to the neutralized Aya. When she awoke, his eyes widened as though embarassed as she realized he was carrying her. He later bore witness as Mogo became the Green Lantern. 


As time went by, Razer continued to develop more anger for Atrocitus and bit by bit was garnering a plan to assassinate the Red Lantern leader. He became less tolerable of his teammates as well, criticizing their finding of the Red Lantern's garbage disposal as a waste of time and even going as far as to try and leave them behind while he went to kill Atrocitus. Razer concocted a scheme in which he would purposely blow up the Interceptor, forcing his teammates to repair it, sneak on the Red Lanterns home world and kill their leader while either his guard was down or by absorbing his rage.

He succeeded in only the first phase of the plan, as his teammates were delayed by the damage to the Interceptor. However, Aya had already known he was responsible due to her attempt to stop him from leaving the ship before he detonated the bomb. Now by himself, Razer made his way to the Red Lanterns' base. Upon arrival, he decided to charge his ring, thinking it would give him an extra advantage over an unexpecting Atrocitus. However what Razer didn't know, was that Atroctius was already informed of his arrival by Bleez. Razer also gained knowledge of a memorial service that had been held in his honor while he was thought deceased. After charging his ring, Razer made his way to Atrocitus's corders. He shot at Atrocitus when the latter turned his back on him. However, Razer did not realize Atrocitus had already suspected his plan and avoided the blast.

Razer was easily pinned down by the Red Lantern leader and was asked by him what he had really been doing during the time he was thought dead. Choosing not to respond, Razer remained quiet during this questioning and was chosen by Atrocitus to be publicly executed, as an example for the other Red Lanterns. Razer took the beatings and attacks on him until he was saved by his comrades. As he made his way off the planet with Hal Jordan and Kilowog, the three witnessed a live broadcasting featuring Atrocitus holding a deeply wounded Aya and directly addressing the three, as well as giving orders to meet him. With his ally in despair, Razer went by himself to confront Atroctius.

With his rage, Razer defeats Atrocitus.

Razer fought Atrocitus toe-to-toe briefly before being severely outclassed by the far superior opponent. Razer was on the brink of losing before he was told by Atrocitus that he had murdered his wife in an effort to get him to join the Red Lantern Corps. Upon hearing this, Razer's rage intensified to maximum and he immediately gained an upper hand on Atrocitus, soundly defeating him. Just as he was about to kill Atrocitus, a barely functioning Aya tried to convince him to take him back to the ship.

Though he refused at first, Razer eventually agreed, taking a Red Lantern Battery with him as well as Aya. After he returned on the ship, Razer was scolded by Hal Jordan for his actions and was given a citation on working as a team before the three stood in both shock and confusion over seeing the plans for the Red Lantern fleets that the group was presently working on.

New Oath[]

Razer quickly hardens around Aya.

After his plan to assassinate Atrocitus failed, Razer continued to stay aboard the Interceptor as his teammates picked up the fragments of their next strategy. It was decided that Razer's fellow Interceptor boarders Hal Jordan and Kilowog would search for food on a planet the ship had crossed while escaping the clutches of the vengeful Red Lanterns. Deciding to do something with his newly gained free time, Razer attempted to charge his ring, using the Red Lantern Battery that he had obtained while on the Red Lantern base. Razer started to recite the oath and charge ring he had planned to once again fuel with his rage before Aya unintentionally intruded on him.

Razer was asked by Aya what the Red Lantern's oath was. Within a mere matter of seconds, Razer would become furious at her for even daring to show any interest in anything having to do with the Red Lanterns. Becoming even more angered, Razer lashed out at Aya and yelled at her to leave his quarters. Shortly after Hal Jordan and Kilowog returned from their own misadventures, Razer was once again intruded on by Aya, this time being told of a new oath by her. Razer thanked her and watched as she left despite the fact that the old oath was the only one the Red Lantern battery responds to and tearfully recited it.

Razer's new oath:

The power of the crimson red

Can lead your soul away from dread

And heal the deepest wounds of hate

Let no one else decide your fate

Old Wounds[]

Fully recovered from his failure in assassinating Atroctius, Razer decided to make a quip about a rather saddened Kilowog. Razer also bore witness to Hal Jordan offering command to Kilowog in the next threat the Interceptor crew faced. After a real threat emerged, Razer came to the top of the Interceptor to face the mysterious monster alongside Hal Jordan and Kilowog. Despite the three's efforts, they were unable to defeat the monster and would have been nearly defeated themselves, were it not for the efforts of just arriving Star Sapphires Aga'po and Ghia'ta.

Razer and the others thanked the two for their help and allowed them to accompany the group to their homeworld. Razer refused to go to the party the Star Sapphires had held in the groups' honor, staying at the ship with Aya instead. However, he would soon depart alongside her when Aya detected Kilowog's life force signature's bleakness. He and Aya were confronted by the unknowing Star Sapphires before the group was held off by Aga'po. Aga'po offered to help the two, however Razer was suspicious towards her motives. He was forced to leave Aya behind as Aga'po dubbed her loveless merely for the fact that she was a robot.

Razer simply told her to stay where she was as he and Aga'po departed. As Razer and Aga'po made their way through her corders, Aga'po tried to seduce him. Luckily for Razer, Aya came to his aid and told him that Aga'po and the Star Sapphires had imprisoned Kilowog. With this revelation, Razer and Aya were forced to battle the unassuming Star Sapphires that had been ordered to defeat them by Aga'po. The two fought hard, but the fact that they were outnumbered came into account. Multiple blast were fired and one hit Aya, causing her to collide into Razer. The two were taken into captivity and imprisoned in crystal by Aga'po and the rest of the Star Sapphires. Razer watched as Aga'po scanned his memories and revealed to him that Aya had taken the image of Razer's deceased wife.

Both surprised and a bit angry, Razer asked Aya if she was telling the truth. Aya explained to Razer that she was the last form she had taken on, recalling when she took her image during the simulations that Razer was forced to bear witness when he was briefly imprisoned at the Spider Guild. Razer started to lash out at Aya, before Aga'po decided Razer's love was forever dead and summoned a spear, as she prepared to attack him. However, Razer and Aya's calvary came when Hal Jordan arrived with a newly freed Kilowog. With his teammates all together again, Razer was freed and ready to fight again before the group retreated, in an attempt to get to their ship. Razer and the others were aided by Ghia'ta in escaping, as she held off the other Star Sapphires until they left the planet.

Regime Change[]

Razer and the crew of the Interceptor intercepted a distress call from Iolande, who requested help in defending her planet Betrassus. At the time, Hal Jordan and Kilowog were being chewed out by the Guardians of the Universe when addressing their current ordeal with Atrocitus and his supposed accusations of the Guardians sending the Manhunters to destroy his and the Red Lanterns' sector. The team raced back to the planet and came to the throne room, where they had originally met Iolande.

Razer fights Veon.

To their surprise, Ragnar had taken control of the planet and had joined the Red Lantern Corps, after being sent a Red Lantern and power ring while being incarcerated earlier that day. As the four prepared to fight him, three other Red Lanterns came to his aid. In the four one-on-one matches, Razer fought Veon. Due to their distance, Razer was forced to fly to his combatant, who took the time to shoot several blasts from his ring. Despite the closeness of Razer, he managed to avoid them and shot one himself, dodged by Veon via jumping.

Razer created a construct of a rope and grabbed and pulled Veon with it, punching him in the face and sending him flying to Kilowog. Despite his apparent victory, he and his teammates were ordered by Hal Jordan to withdraw from their fight. The four escaped through a hole that Hal had ordered to be placed in the roof and separated, Razer going back to the Interceptor with Aya.

Though Razer did not participate in hand-to-hand combat with the Red Lanterns again, Razer boarded the Interceptor as Aya piloted the ship and shot several Red Lanterns, even complimenting her on one of the shots she managed to pull off. Despite their help, the battle started to shift in favor of the Red Lanterns. However, the battle was not entirely theirs yet, as Ganthet activated a Blue Lantern he had left stored in the Interceptor. With it's activation, Razer and the rest of the Red Lanterns were of little strength when compared to the newly-empowered Green Lanterns. Shortly after the Green Lanterns became charged, Razer plummeted from the sky before being grabbed and saved by Aya.

Activation Codes and End of the Red Lantern War[]

Razer was stranded with Hal and Kilowog after Atrocitus stole their ship when they briefly left it. Razer watched Hal and Kilowog argue battle plans and he himself even intervened. Razer went with Hal back to the Star Sapphire's homeworld after leaving Kilowog to deal with the Red Lantern armada.

Razer was intended to be Hal's bodyguard. When the Star Sapphires told Hal it was too dangerous to try and teleport him to Earth, Razer argued that if he didn't go back, Atrocitus would lay waste to the Guardians of the Universe. He watched as Hal Jordan went back to Earth and was about to leave before he had the Star Sapphire's teleport him to his true love: Aya.

With the aid of the Star Sapphires, Razer was able to slip past the Red Lantern guards of the Interceptor and land inside. He shot Drusa and took her out with one blast from his ring. He rescued Aya and brought her with him to Oa. However, by the time he got there, Hal had already beaten Atrocitus. When Atrocitus was being taken away, Razer looked him straight in the eyes. Hal asked him how he managed to get back to Oa in such a short time. Before he could answer, Razer was interrupted by the Guardians of Oa.[3]

Post Red Lantern Invasion[]

Sometime during the period following the defeat of the Red Lanterns[3], Razer sought out the Blue Lanterns on Odym with an intention to vanquish his inner-anger. Due his past relations with Saint Walker, he was accepted to train with the Blue Lanterns in formal meditation methods; Razer remembered that their power nullified his own, thus he believed that the mediation session would be far more effective.[4]

Blue Hope[]

"Looks like Razer, definitely smells like Razer, but you ain't Razer. What've you done with the angry guy?"
"Hopefully destroyed him. The old Razer was responsible for great evil—I came to Odym to ask the Blue Lanterns for help. Since their power negates my own, I thought this would be a great place to become someone else. Someone less angry."
―Razer and Kilowog[src]

Despite Saint Walker and Brother Warth's guidance in the mediation sessions, Razer found himself struggling with defusing his inner-anger. He was continually frustrated at his inability to concentrate, and the fact that he could not let go of his past.

After a mediation session ended in despondent, he was chased by an Odym worm. Saint Walker intervened and soothed the beast with a melody upon his construct lute. The creature playfully embraced Saint Walker's kindness, and found the reason he had been pursued: the animal wanted to play with Razer. Alerted to the Interceptor landing on the planet, Razer instantly thought of his former comrade Aya. Upon their reunion, they expressed duly gratefulness and surprise to see one another. The crew explained their unannounced visit to Ganthet, attempting to ask him for information on the Manhunters, showing him that they held a salvaged Manhunters in their possession. Then, the crew was taken to witness the first activation of the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery. The battery supercharged the Green Lanterns' power rings, however it reawakened the salvaged Manhunter and the drone became hostile once more. Hal and Kilowog used their power-up to fight and defeat the drone. Afterward, Razer joined the crew aboard the Interceptor. Aya reactivated the drone, attempting to interrogate it for information on it's objective. Hal suggested to Ganthet that they find a way to rehabilitate, to which Razer detested. Razer stated, "This thing [Manhunter] isn't a living being, it's a robot. It's not able to learn or grow, or feel pain. It doesn't have a soul." Aya confronted him on this rash statement, to which he tried to apologize but failed, and left the ship.

Razer telling Saint Walker that his feelings for Aya are a lie.

Later, Razer consulted Saint Walker, asking him if he thought robots had souls. Saint Walker defused that Razer had not come to him to ask that question, but rather to ask if it was acceptable to love again after his first love, Ilana, had died. Razer rebuked against him using his in such a manner, and relented Aya as a machine, incapable of emotions, making his feeling for her a lie. Afterwards he went to speak and found that she was missing along with the drone. He altered his friends about his discovery and they prepared to search for them. Though, the group was suddenly ambushed by three supercharged Manhunters, who sought the Central battery. Razer—being unable to fight—moved Ganthet to safety. A lengthy battle ensued, and Razer and his friends were overpowered by the drones' incredible power-up. The Manhunters' victory was insight with the Manhunter departing with the battery.

Razer unleashes the full extent of his rage.

Razer swiftly crafted a plan; Saint Walker played his construct guitar, summoning the creature from earlier and and swallowing the central battery. Aya meet back up with the group and tried to persuade the final Manhunter drone to change it's ways. Aya and Razer briefly shared a touching glance at each other; the Manhunter internally scanned the two, and it detected romantic emotions within both of them. The drone blasted Aya with a jolt from his Rod blaster, triggering Razer to unleash his great rage, even in the presence of the Blue Lanterns. He savagely destroyed the Manhunter drone and afterward comforted her.

When the Interceptor crew prepared for departure, Razer decided to leave with them over continuing his meditation training. Razer justified his rage as righteous and stated that his path was elsewhere. Saint Walker assured Razer that he was welcome back anytime. He boarded the ship and departed with his friends, though not before gazing upon Aya.[4]

Shortly after regaining his status in the fold, he scanned for information about the Anti-Monitor, Aya insisted to help him but he brushed her aside. However they were then contacted by Sinestro who kidnapped a fugitive from the Spider Guild and demanded assistance to rescue him from the frigate. Soon after Sinestro embarked and locked Neuroxis up inside the sciencell, Razer met the legendary Green Lantern by remarking his stolen tech from the Spider Guild, though Sinestro was displeased about the Red Lantern's presence inside the Interceptor. After Sinestro left to rest, Razer researched information about Neuroxis along with the others. Razer was them ambushed by Sinestro, who unknown to them was under control neuroxis' control, and was knocked out, he soon woke up and quickly defeated Sinestro.

The crew locked Sinestro up to bring him to Oa, but unknown to them Neuroxis controlled Razer. He was used by Neuroxis to take the Spider Guild weapon from Aya, who he flirted with, and with the weapon attacked Hal but was quickly defeated. However Neuroxis mind jumped to Hal releasing Razer from its control and was knocked out by him. Razer soon woke up, witnessing the fight between Kilowog and Hal. They figured out that they were under control by Neuroxis. Hal thought about a plan to use constructs, since the rings chose them instead of Neuroxis, but the plan failed as Neuroxis can mind jump from will. However Sinestro arrived after depressurizing the ship from oxygen, to let Neuroxis return to his body inside the sciencell, the only place with oxygen. Neuroxis—inside Razer's body, was suffocating and released himself from Razer's body, before dying from lack of oxygen.

After the ordeal, Aya examined Razer's health. After Aya finished the examination, Razer wondered if he harmed her while he was under influence by Neuroxis. He was shocked to hear that Aya should realized that he wasn't himself since he expressed interest in her and watched as she left the room.[5]

Following the Guardians of the Universe and the Red Lantern Corps's agreement to rebuild Ysmault the reconstruction movement was officially announced to the people on Ysmault—by prime magistrate Zox. The crew returned to Frontier Space before arriving on Ysmault, Razer requested a pit-stop to his homeworld. Arriving on the planet, he roamed around his old home and mourned for his deceased wife Ilana. He was approached by Aya who thought was interrupting him, however Razer didn't mind and thanked Aya, because of her—changed his ways. He gave Aya a blue flower and approached her mouth to kiss her, but was interrupted by Hal to leave for Ysmault after being contacted by the science director.

Arriving on Ysmault, they were briefed by the science director about a Manhunter threat. They encountered the Manhunter, but Razer was pushed back by the Manhunter and encountered Zox. The prime magistrate witnessed the Manhunter, perceiving it as betrayal from the Guardians though he was immediatly knocked out and locked up inside the Interceptor. They left the planet as soon as Aya detected an anti-matter pulse nearby the Maelstrom. They witnessed the Anti-Monitor arriving in Frontier Space and tried to leave the scene, but as the ultra-warp was preparing, they were attacked by several Manhunters. The Green Lanterns and Razer disembarked to fight against the robots. After fighting an incredible battle against the Manhunters, they left toward the ship, but Razer's path was blocked by the robots.

Razer eventually worn out, but was saved by Aya who came back for him. However they were then ambushed by the Anti-Monitor who fired an antimatter ray, but Razer was pushed aside by Aya to put him out of harm's way. Aya sustained fatal damage from the ray, discovering she had seconds to live, Razer held Aya tightly and expressed his love for her, he witnessed with sadness that Aya slowly disintegrated, leaving her helmet behind in Razer's mournful hands. Before the Anti-Monitor could kill Razer, he was rescued by the Green Lanterns with the Interceptor.[6]

Upon return on board, he showed furious anger towards the crew for believing that they blame him for Aya's dead. Though However Razer was calmed down by Kilowog. They later witnessed the power of the Anti-Monitor annihilated the science director and Shard, from which they were forced to retreat. As they were on en-route to Ysmault, Razer expressed to Hal how he had the will to continue to live after Ilana's death, though the conversation ended as they were disturbed by a sound on the Interceptor. They discovered that Aya had survived by uploading herself to a disabled Manhunter, Razer met upon shock of Aya's appearance and reminded that Aya was not Ilana. As the two were alone, Razer claimed that he didn't love her as she was just a machine, with the face of Ilana and left the room, leaving the shocked Aya alone.

Later during the battle against the Manhunters and the Anti-Monitor, Aya asked him how to avoid the pain from emotions, which Razer responded that he abandoned everything else and focused on the job at hand. Inside the still Interceptor, the crew witnessed in surprisement that Aya, after shutting down her emotions, destroyed the Anti-Monitor. As the victory seemed clear, they were approached by Aya, using the corpse of the Anti-Monitor, who proclaimed as the queen of the Manhunters and rejected all beings with emotion as it caused harm and suffering. With Aya's new powers, the crew were blasted away to a far distance.[7]


Razer, along with the rest of the Interceptor Crew, crash-lands on an unknown planet. All of the Interceptor Crews' rings die, leaving them with no means of understanding each other. All of them are presumed to be unarmed, but when bargaining with a local, Razer pulls out numerous bladed objects(knives, shurikens, etc.) When Hal, Kilowog, and Razer are faced against a monster, Hal finds a Manhunter head for recharging his and Kilowog's rings, but Razer's couldn't be charged due to it being a Red Lantern Power Ring. But, the Manhunter he threw defeated the beast. He then talks with Kilowog about how he couldn't understand Hal's "motivational speech."

The Final Battle[]

Following the events of Ranx, Razer and the entire corp of Green Lanterns were forced to fight against Aya and her army of Manhunters. Despite being the only Red Lantern alongside the Green Lanterns, Razer fought along with Kilowog and Hal Jordan. After Hal Jordan is taken inside the Anti-Monitor, he calls Kilowog on the comm link and orders that Razer be sent in. Though Guy deems Hal wrong, Razer insists that if he was, than none of them would know. He prepares to be shot through the Anti-Monitor through a giant, firearm-shaped construct. Kilowog questions him about killing Aya, to which Razer replies, "I will do what must be done." He is then shot from the construct as a bullet, and enters the Anti-Monitor through its chest with force. He then enters the portal leading to where Hal and Aya are and approaches Aya from behind with a dagger-shaped construct. He prepares to bring it down upon her, but realizes that he cannot do so, as there is no hate for her in his heart. A tear can be seen in his right eye before letting out a battle cry, which alerts Aya and causes the construct to disappear. Aya wounds him instantly in the chest until realizing what she has done, and immediately abandons her plan, helping Razer and Hal escape. Once safely outside the portal, Aya heals a mortally wounded Razer, who speaks at last and explains why he did not kill her, as there was only love in his heart for her. The two hold hands momentarily. Aya then declares to rid the Manhunters, including herself, of the universe to save it. Razer begs her not to, but she disappears even so, leaving a deeply saddened Razer behind. 

A few days later after the battle, Razer stands in Oa, his wound now fully healed. Hal and Kilowog approach him from behind and ask him why he did not attend the ceremony, to which the latter reveals that he is leaving. Razer declares to scour the universe looking for Aya, as he strongly believed that she was alive and while they try to point out otherwise he remains steadfast to his belief. He then shakes hands with Hal and pats Kilowog on the back after being hugged by the Bolovaxian.

Quest for Aya[]

He then smiles and takes off from Oa, as he flies off in space his hope to find Aya is so great that it attracts a Blue Lantern ring that chases after him, implying that his heart is no longer filled with rage but hope. This means had the show continued, Razer probably would have abandoned his status as a Red Lantern to instead become a Blue Lantern.

Physical appearance[]

Razer is a tall, slender, human-like alien with a pale white skin tone, and black tattooed markings on his face. He has blue eyes and wears a red helmet with two horns protruding from it. When in his Red Lantern outfit, he wears black leggings, red boots and gloves. In civilian form, he has white hair, underneath his head being covered as he wears a dark gray tunic with long black sleeves and a belt bearing a Volkregian symbol on it. 

Personality and traits[]

Razer presumably was once a peaceful man before his involvement with the Red Lanterns. Though he was very protective of his wife Ilana and his planet, it is presumed that he had high respect for others but he was willing to fight when someone threatened to harm them. After losing his beloved wife, he became a Red Lantern, allowing evil within to take over and becoming ruthless with rage. However, even in this state, he did seem to have some moral conscience, as he questioned Zilius Zox and Atrocitus about their methods of killing, and hesitated before attempting to kill Shiyr Rev.

After abandoning the Red Lanterns and joining the Green Lantern cause, he displayed a sharp and biting nature towards the Interceptor crew and showed little concern for their lives. He often made sarcastic quips about them, mainly Kilowog, and began on a rough relationship with the crew before growing closer to them over time. Razer soon learned to trust them, and developed something of a friendship with Aya, even going as far as protecting her in battles. This led to him developing romantic feelings for her, but believed that she was only a robot and did not feel the same emotions that he had. He at last admitted his feelings for her on the brink of her death after she was wounded mortally by the Anti-Monitor, but when she returned and questioned him of his feelings for her, he informed her that he was confused of her appearance and did not really love her, though the true feelings behind this are unknown. After this, Aya became so depressed that she abandoned the Interceptor crew despite Razer and Hal's attempts to convince her to return. In "Dark Matter," after mortally wounding Razer and realizing what it was that she had done, she gave up her life to save the universe from the destruction of the Manhunters. Razer begged her not to leave him, but she promised that she would always be with him before disappearing. Following the end of the Manhunter war, Razer left Oa to search the universe for her, believing that she was still out there. 

While traveling into the vast depths of space, a Blue Lantern ring follows Razer, displaying that he no longer possesses any rage but instead an admirable great sense of hope, demonstrated by his belief that Aya was alive, and he would find her at what ever the cost.

He hardly smiles, mostly frowning or glaring, although he does briefly mostly at Aya in some episodes towards the end of the series.

Powers and Abilites[]


  • Red Energy Manipulation: As a member of the Red Lantern Corps, he has a red power ring that grants him all the basic Red Lantern powers, such as:
    • Rage Plasma: As a Red Lantern, he can vomit plasma, when his rage reaches its maximum level. This power has been shown to be powerful enough defeat Atrocitus.
    • Red Energy Blast: As a Red Lantern, he can fire red energy blasts. His mastery f the red power ring allows him to bend his energy blasts to follow an oponent and avoid any obstacle.
    • Red Energy Waves: He can fire red energy waves.
    • Red Energy Constructs: Razer is, so far the only Red Lantern that has showed the ability to create red energy constructs such as weapons, ( giant claws, swords, daggers) columns or any other item he can imagine.
    • Force-Field: As a Red Lantern, he can generate red energy force fields that can also be use to turn the air of toxic environment into oxygen.
    • Life-Support Field: This force field allows him to fly and travel through inhospitable environments (outer space, toxic atmohphere, etc...)
    • Flight: His red power ring allows him to fly softly in atmosphere, or the outer space and even variable gravity areas.
    • Light Projection: He can project red light from his ring.
    • Rage Empowerment: The Red Lantern ring is unique in that its base of power, Rage, can be manipulated by the ring user. A Red Lantern can detect the rage in the heart of others and by connection the blood that pumps that blood. The rage and hatred of a individual red lantern empowers their abilities as well as the rage and hatred of others.
    • Superhuman Strength: His red power ring grants him superhuman strength.
    • Superhuman Durability: His red power ring protects him from most forms of damage.
    • Universal Translator: The power ring can translate virtually any language in the universe, facilitating the interaction with any personn of species.
  • Self-Sustenance: His species has a long-term storage organ in their bodies for food that allows them to survive months without eating anything.


  • Indomitable Rage: Razer is capable of feeling great rage, powerful enough to empower his ring without a lantern battery. At its peak, his rage could also defeat Atrocitus. Also, when he saw Aya getting hurt by a Manhunter, he was able to use his full power in a planet where he was supposed to be powerless, since it's filled in with Blue Energy.
  • Red Ring Mastery: Razer can use his ring to such great effect he can make Energy Constructs, something most Red Lantern's are incapable of summoning the concentration to do.
  • Bomb Expert: It is stated that he has a good knowledge on bombs and sabotage and he was the one in charge of setting up the Red Lanterns bombs.
  • Anger Management/Blue Lantern Meditation Techniques: Razer has learned anger management techniques from Saint Walker. Those techniques helped him to control not only his anger but also to render himself and others emotionless, making him able to pass through thousands of Manhunters undetected.
  • Weaponry Mastery: It is hinted that he has a wide knowledge of white weapons since he carries wide array of knives and daggers with him.
  • Skilled Combatant: Also it is revealed that he joined the militia, so he also had some formal training in combat. During his fight against Saint Walker, he shows that his fighting style consists in a barrage of wild and savage attacks, consisting with his rageful personality, combined with high and low kicks. Howerver, this fighting style has proven to be uneffective against fast, agile and passive oponents like Saint Walker, who was able to outmaneuver him with his own fighting style. Also he stated that Razer needs to work on his kicks, "a little higher on the knee".
  • Genius level Intellect: Razer was able to make the calculations required to do the interstellar travel in the Interceptor, something that only Aya was able to do (although it took him 3 hours to do so, due to the thousands of variations) also he was able to recognize the computer virus Aya created to destroy the Manhunters.


  • Red Lantern Power Battery
  • Red Lantern Power Ring
  • Weapons: In the episode Babel, it is revealed that he carries with himself a large and wide array of knives and and shurikens in his true form, so he'll be able to defend himself in case he is found powerless.


Blue Energy: As a Red Lantern, he is rendered powerless in presence of Blue Energy. However he is capable of feeling rage enough to overcome this weakness and use his powers the most of its capabilities.



Hal Jordan[]

At first enemies, but after Hal gave Razer a chance to change sides they eventually became close allies, and helped each other out at certain times. 


His relationship with Kilowog started with a mutual dislike for each other, considering Kilowog a disgusting creature. However, gradually they begin to trust and respect each other (though Razer always make fun of him) and eventually develop a close relationship.

Saint Walker[]

Razer met Saint Walker on Mogo during the time when the Interceptor crew were searching the planet. When he met him, he considered him an enemy and began to fight him, despite his lack of strength against Saint Walker's extra terrestrial training. At the end of the battle, Saint Walker advised him to avoid his rage-fueled ways. Later on, Razer went off to Odym and began training, becoming much calmer and seemed to consider Saint Walker wise. 

Love Interest[]


Ilana was Razer's wife. When his planet was engulfed in civil war, Razer enlisted in the militia to keep her safe. This was in vain, as Atrocitus killed Ilana to enrage Razer, thus able to make him a Red Lantern. Razer would often remember and mourn his wife.


Razer met Aya while imprisoned after he almost used a Liberator to destroy a planet. Early in the series, Razer treats Aya like a machine who had no feelings, but after Aya took a similar appearance to that of his late beloved, he and Aya collaborated efficiently.

The romantic tension grew over the series, with Razer showing more and more concern over Aya's well-being. Aya also began looking for ways to help Razer, such by formulating a new Red Lantern oath to initiate recharging his ring that allowed Razer to do so without invoking his rage, something Razer was trying to avoid at the time.

During an attempt to destroy the Anti-Monitor, Aya's body was critically damaged, and Razer admitted his love for her. Unbeknownst to him that she downloaded herself into a damaged Manhunter. Later, Aya flew back to the Interceptor in the new body. When Aya asked Razer about his love for her, he denied it, believing he made his declaration in the spur of the moment, and that the feelings were for his late wife. Aya became extremely preoccupied and shocked by Razer's withdrawal.

It was not long before the interceptor crew came under attack from the Anti-Monitor. Aya, still preoccupied, asked him how he dealt with emotion when on a mission. Razer replied that he focused on the task at hand; and shut down everything else. Aya then purged herself of all emotion and made a seemingly fatal blow on the Anti-Monitor, only for the crew to find out she had took over the Anti-Monitor's body.

She became corrupted from this and decided to embark on a mission to purge all emotion in the universe, which she now sees as negative, and that they only brought pain. Taking possession of the Manhunters, she proceeded to formulate her plan, ultimately deciding to rid the universe of life by travelling back in time and manipulating it at its creation. The Lanterns came to the inevitable conclusion that Aya must be destroyed.

Razor was tasked with destroying Aya while Hal distracted her, but he could not do it to Aya. This snapped Aya to her senses and to undo the damage she had done. In order to rid the universe of her threat, Aya transmitted a virus to remove every last copy of her program, which she uploaded into the Manhunters. This also destroyed herself. Razor tried to stop her, but the deed was done. Holding her in his arms, she tells him they will be together, before fading into nothingness. Razor, now alone, was visibly upset, not with anger, but with sorrow. Days after, Razor would embark on a solo journey. He had hope that due to Aya's resourcefulness, she had somehow survived, and that he would eventually find her.



  • Razer's design has a striking resemblance with the character "Zetman" from the Zetman manga by Masakazu Katsura.
  • Razer is right-handed. This can be noticed by the fact that he has his ring in his right hand and he always uses this one when he is fighting or attacking someone from behind.
  • Whenever Razer is enraged, his eyes turn red.
  • Whenever he tries to kill someone from behind, he uses a knife construct.
  • He is the only character that has bled in the series.
  • According to Spencer Millien, Razer's personality and abilities remind him of a character he imagined being.
  • His fangs and stripes, as well as his resentful personality have the similarites to a cat.
  • Razer's behavior is similiar to Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Z manga and anime.
  • A character design sketch displayed Razer as a blue lantern, saying, "Hello, Aya. It's good to see you again," proposing a new series of episodes of Razer as a blue lantern.
  • His story is picked up in another series ''Young Justice''. However, it is not canon to Green Lantern The Animated Series, as in Young Justice, John Stewart was already shown to be a Green Lantern in Season 1 despite the fact that in Green Lantern The Animated Series he only became a one shortly before Aya's death which is said to have happened 4 years ago in Young Justice. Young Justice creator Greg Weisman has confirmed that the events of Green Lantern The Animated Series are canon adjacent; meaning that a similar but distinct version of the show's events in the series happened in the Young Justice universe.


  •  "Oh, yes. What could possibly go wrong?"
  •  "Congratulations. After weeks of stalking shard, you've unlocked the secret of when they dump their garbage. Can total victory be far behind?"
  • "Atrocitus will be shaking in his boots."
  •  "That wasn't me. This entire ship is falling apart, and I'm sick of your self-righteous braying, you fat green oaf!" (To Kilowog)
  •  "Only that I dislike clumsy, seven-foot pigs." (About Kilowog)
  •  "Nor does it make it less irritating."
  •  "I reserve the right to say I TOLD YOU SO." (To Hal)
  •  "GET OUT!" (To Aya)
  •  "You think this is my fault? Then say that! Don't mince words. Say that! One time!" (To Hal)
  •  "How delightful of you. I'll pass."
  •  "He likes yours, too." (Translating for Kilowog about the latter's liking for Hal's outfit)
  •  "Anyone wearing green, apparently."
  •  "You tricked him. I underestimated your deviousness." (To Hal about tricking Byth Rok)
  • "My red energy constructs are powered by hate, and there is no hate in my heart for you Aya. Only love."
  • "You want us to light a frozen engine? The explosion will be spectacular!"
  • "He's insane."
  • "I despise that you have a point."
  • "I do mourn Illana. But that was a different life. And I am a different person. I am not the same man who chose hate all those years ago. I have changed in so many ways. Thanks to you." (To Aya)
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