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The Star Sapphires is a lantern corps consisting of only female members that draw their powers from the emotion of love.


Star Sapphires once lived alongside the Guardians, but were disgusted by their choice of creating decisions without emotions.[1]

They then sought to create their own civilization composed entirely of women on the planet Zamaron and gather new members from those who feel an absurd amount of love. They believed that life would be more peaceful and loving when women were in charge, and neglected men to join their corps.

After centuries of existence and isolation, they had forgotten the true meaning of love and began to kidnap men in an attempt to bring love to the universe. It was not until they attempted to include Carol Ferris into their ranks that they practiced the true meaning of love once again.[1]

Known Members[]


  • Hal Jordan calls them the "Pink Lanterns" when the Interceptor crew first encountered them.



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