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Steam Lantern
Steam Lantern character
First appearance "Steam Lantern"
Voice Robin Atkin Downes
General Information
Full name Gil Broome
Species Human
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye Color
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies Lady Catherine, Duke Nigel, Hal Jordan
Enemies Anti-Monitor
Powers and abilities
Equipment Nuclear armor
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Steam Lantern (real name Gil Broome, Esq.) is a Green Lantern-powered superhero from his industrial world in another universe who was against Duke Nigel's tyranny.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Some time in the past, Gil witnessed a Green Lantern with a red shirt and a cape who saved his world and also found the Hardtofindium. During the tyranny of Duke Nigel's enslavement with the use of Mechanoids, he decided to rebel against him. After Catherine created the suit that's filled with Hardtofindium, he used it to fend off the Anti-Monitor. But the Anti-Monitor was too strong for him, however the Duke created a portal to another universe that the Anti-Monitor went through it. It seemed that the Steam Lantern saved the world, but took all the credit of Duke Nigel and became ashamed for not telling the truth.[1]

End of the Tyranny Edit

When the Duke tried to put a stop of Lady Catherine's protest with his Mechanoids, Steam Lantern along with the help of a different Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) destroyed the machines. After that, they went to their rigid airship, aptly named "Battling Bathilda", where Jordan explained where the Green Lantern came from. In order for him to return, they required a lot of power and went to Nigel's laboratorium along with Catherine. When Green Lantern was connecting to his universe they were ambushed by the Mechanoids. Nigel confronted them and complained to them that the Steam Lantern took his credits. They were saved by the Green Lantern and went back to the "Battling Bathilda".

When Green Lantern opened the portal, Steam Lantern helped him to make it open in order for Jordan to pass. However the Duke pursued and ambushed them, which resulted in the airship's destruction and them being brought as prisoners to his laboratorium. Before the Duke decided what to do with them, Steam Lantern sacrifices himself by telling the truth to everyone. Even though it was a lie the citizens were cheering him on, which made the Duke realized what he had done. Before the the universe was destroyed, Hal and the Duke made the portal big enough to fit the planet through. After that, Hal lost his powers due to Green Lantern energy depletion in mid-air, but the Steam Lantern eventually saved him from falling from the sky.

They celebrated their victory with tea along with Hal Jordan, Lady Catherine and the Duke.[1]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

  • Steam Lantern is an original character created for the show, but the Steam Lantern's real name of Gil Broome is taken from the creators of the Silver Age Lantern, Gil Kane and John Broome.[2]
  • The lantern Gil witnessed with the "red shirt and a cape" could be the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott who first appeared in All-American Comics #16.

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