Tattooed Man
Tattooed Man
First appearance "Tattoo You"
General Information
Full name Abel Tarrant
Species Human
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye Color Black
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Enemies Green Lantern
Powers and abilities
Equipment Radiactive ink that brought tattoos to life
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Tattooed Man (real name Abel Tarrant) is a supervillain.

History Edit

Some time in the past, by unknown methods Abel had radioactive ink that could bring his tattoos to life. He used it for his criminal activities, but Green Lantern took him on and brought him to jail, where he had his tattoos removed, but he had hidden stash that he gave to a tattoo shop employee. After he escaped from prison he returned to the tattoo shop and received four new tattoos with one of the being a heart symbol as a remind of his mother. After he came out of the tattoo shop, Green Lantern confronted him, but Abel quickly took care of Green Lantern and escaped. At a market he wanted to find gladiolas, but couldn´t get them, while short after he was confronted by Green Lantern once again. He was defeated by Hal using serums to change his tattoos, before he was sent to jail, Abel received help from Green Lantern to get some gladiolas to give it to his mother for her birthday.[1]

Personality Edit

Abel has an aggresive attitude, where he easily gets angered by little things as shown when he threw a tattoo shop employee through the window when he talked about his sensitive side and when he screamed at a flower shop owner when he didn't have gladiolas. However he has a soft side for his love of his mother even though he couldn't be with her, he still is with her in his thoughts.[1]

Equipment Edit

  • Radioactive ink: Tattoed man has radioactive ink that can bring his tattoo to life. One of the example of the tattoos were an lion, Mayor Trouble and a large robot that could change into a cart.[1]

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References Edit

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