A Touchstone is an object that takes the form of an alien-being, but its true purpose is to pass along the memories and emotions that people had felt to others. Though they appear to be harmless, if removed from their home, they would turn into a monstrous beast that would attack anyone.

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When the Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Aya, and Razer were following a distress signal from an attack by Red Lantern Corps, they arrived after the village had been destroyed. On the surface, Hal Jordan encountered a touchstone in the form of a small alien girl, made by the last of the people before their demise. Hal was surpised that the girl would not answer him and went to comfort her. Once he made contact with her, he witnessed the Red Lantern attack in an illusion.

Razer attempted to take her to the Interceptor but in doing so, the touchstone transformed into a huge monster and proceeded to attack the Lanterns. Halfway though the battle, Hal realized that the touchstone was primarily targeting Razer, most likely because it she believed he was part of the attack on her people. Razer then took off his power ring and the touchstone reverted back to her normal mode. The touchstone was then kept where she was found, as removing her from that area would cause her to become a beast once again.[1]

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