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First appearance "Reckoning"
Voice Jason Spisak
General Information
Full name
Alias Red Lantern
Sector Forgotten Zone
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye Color Blue
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Affiliations Red Lantern Corps
Allies Bleez, Skallox, Ragnar
Enemies Green Lantern Corps
Powers and abilities
Equipment Red Lantern Power Ring

Veon is a member of the Red Lantern Corps.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Veon was one of the Red Lanterns to believe that Razer was dead after the destruction of Colony 12. He even went to Razer's memorial service.[1]

Red Lantern Invasion Edit

Veon was surprised along with his fellow Red Lanterns Bleez and Skallox when the previously thought dead Razer returned on Shard to recharge his ring.[1]

Veon came to Betrassus to aid fellow Red Lantern Ragnar in taking over the planet. After Hal Jordan and his team arrived, Veon fought against Razer. He dodged several of Razer's blasts, only to be held by Razer's rope he made from his ring. He was thrown into the air, flying into and being hit by Green Lantern Kilowog. He was the only one of the four Red Lanterns that was not hit by a piece of the collapsing building. Instead, he was shot a final time by Razer.

Later, he fought the Green Lanterns once again, this time being shot at by Hal Jordan shortly after arriving on the field. He dodged several of his shots, flew higher in the air and jumped on and grabbed Hal. He held his arms and kicked him down. He pushed him around before grabbing him by his left arm.

He prepared to finish off Hal before Hal's ring was charged by the Blue Lantern stored in the Interceptor, the ship Hal and his crew piloted. He quickly lost his grip, was overpowered and blasted away. He was collected by Bleez and, along with the rest of the Red Lanterns, escaped.

He would later come to the aid of Ragnar alongside Skallox and Bleez to help the new Red Lantern maintain the throne he had stolen from his sister.

His work with the Red Lanterns Bleez and Skallox would continue as the three were assigned by Atrocitus to prevent the Green Lanterns from activating the Lighthouse.

Abilities Edit

Appearances Edit

Background in other media Edit

In the comics, Veon's history before joining the Red Lantern Corps is unknown. In the comics he was one of the original members of the Red Lantern Corps. During the Blackest Night event, he was killed by the Alpha Lantern Boodikka. However Post-Flashpoint, he was ressurected and became a member of the Red Lantern Corps once more.

References Edit

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