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First appearance "Lost Planet"
Voice Clancy Brown
General Information
Full name
Species Cardonian
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blue
Eye Color Black
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies Drusa
Enemies Thailians
Green Lantern Corps
Powers and abilities
Equipment Thailian Moon Staff

General Zartok is the former military officer of the Cardonian Horde.


Zartok believed he was destined to win the greatest battle in history. During The Last Stand of Thalius Prime, soldiers followed Zartok with unquestioning loyalty and massacred many Thalians, whom he considered weak. Zartok took a Thalian Moon Staff as a trophy of war. However, the Cardonians were defeated. Some point later, Zartok's warship was stranded on Mogo. He allied with two other stranded villains, Drusa and Grood. They later encountered Interceptor crew who were in search of a Green Lantern recruit. Kilowog recognized the moon staff but mistook Zartok for a Thalian. Zartok played along in order to steal the Interceptor. He went along with Kilowog to search for the new Green Lantern.

Eventually, Zartok attempted to kill Kilowog but Mogo intervened and blasted steam in his face. Kilowog then tossed him over a cliff but Drusa picked him up with the Interceptor. Mogo intervened and safely disabled the ship. Razer then dispatched them and they were restraind by Jordan and Kilowog.

Mogo took custody of the two as he did of Grood, trapping them in rock and soil. He later released the pair. Zartok's ambitions were reignited when a message from the Red Lanterns was received. He believed Atrocitus needed a leader for his armada. However, Atrocitus desired Drusa for her technical experience with Aya and the Interceptor.

Physical appearanceEdit

Zartok is turquoise-skinned cyclops, with light blue dreadlocks, and a cleft-chin. He wears a brown vest, and a cloak around the waist.


From his experience as a former general of the brutish Cardonian army, Zartok is supremely skilled in armed combat. During the Battle of Thalius Prime, Zartok slaughtered hundreds upon thousands of Thalian soldiers, whom he considered weak.

Zartok has also been shown to possess leadership skills such as leading an army of Cardonians with unquestioned loyalty, and conducting a plan with other prisoners to escape their exile on Mogo.[1]